Rust Moments
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Hello everyone! In today’s video I wanted to share some cool and useful Tips and Tricks in Rust! Tried to mix advanced and beginners tips and tricks.

Commands and binds:

FOV Zoom:
bind key graphics.fov 70
bind key graphics.fov 90 (Put your current FOV here)
Higher jump: physics.steps 60
Auto pick bind: bind key attack;duck

00:00 Intro
00:07 Wind turbine trick
00:23 FOV Zoom trick
00:42 Faster raid trick
1:02 Wood farming tip
1:30 Drop box trick
2:17 Launch site secret room
3:05 Ladders on Cargo
3:32 Higher jump
3:46 RHIB Small box
3:56 Hazmat into hotbar
4:08 Icepick faster farming
4:25 Auto pick bind
4:43 Water heal

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  1. I'm not good at voice acting but trust me I tried my best 🙂 I just hope you found some useful tips and tricks

  2. only the satchel switching was news to me, albeit not that useful. and all the rest are kinda general knowledge

  3. So the windmill, it works for enemy bases right? Like just destroy their entire power supply?

  4. Всё знал), но видос клёвый. Самое необходимое рассказал😉

  5. How we cancel the command im stuck at 70 pov lol

  6. bind x "+fov 90;fov 70"
    whenever you hold x it zooms in, could be more efficient than having 2 separate buttons

  7. Is it true you can code lock metal store fronts?

  8. Without further ado, straight to the point, great delivery of useful information, thanks dude

  9. I thought it was gonna be like how to find food, etc. But these are great tips.

  10. if you ladder a door on cargo can you pick them up with a hammer after?

  11. Dont use the first one, i get banned for bug abuse

  12. Cant't lie this a great video. Next u gotta find a tip that helps people see at night. Idk how steamers do it

  13. I don't really care, just do your highlight videos, thanks

  14. Have around 4k hours rn, and im still learning something! Thanks 🙂

    And your voice over is great man!

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