Rust - They DIDN'T see it COMING (Blooprint Stream Highlights) -

Rust – They DIDN’T see it COMING (Blooprint Stream Highlights)

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  1. Is the quality kinda shitty for anyone else?

  2. When does he stream does he have a Schedule? Because I would love to watch it❤️

  3. I wish one day these GODS will reunite Blooprint, Welyn and Stimpee

  4. #PleaseLikeThisCommentIfYouAgree Hate that I can't hear any of Bloo's team mates mic's. He's the only rust creator I follow that silences his team like this. Gives me a headache watching something with loud voices and then quiet voices. I try to turn it up to hear them. Then the game sounds are too loud. #SoFuckingAnnoying

  5. Blueprint: "da de da do I just tripled himm"


  7. “I’M DOUBLED DOUBLED DOUBLED!” I’ve never felt someone’s pain so much in my life. 😂

  8. Can't wait for the next episode, such an insane wipe so far!

  9. Does it seem like these videos are a lot quieter now?

  10. I had to turn my volume all the way up on this video

  11. Yes man i have been waiting for u so long keep up king👑

  12. I played against kursed not to long ago. He’s toxic af. Calls everyone shit, roof camped everyone with m2. Found his vod of the gameplay and he was dying to us and was trying to get us banned for stream snipping. He’s a real dirtbag.

  13. The volume was very low, i had to turn it up alot.. but the video was awesome

  14. I saw myself in the stream chat so many times lmao 🤣

  15. Even the latency fix wouldn't make me this good

  16. (warrior kill the 3 man group) meanwhile bloo= i triple the phyton with mp 5 do you hear that ?

  17. It's odd that this is the only channels videos that the audio is extremely quiet.

  18. I dont see the point in hiding your map if a experience rust player sees your live stream and sees what's close by your base then they could put 2 and 2 together

  19. great video0, volume was to low though, when adds came on it was bottoming out my speakers. had to turn it up loud to hear your video

  20. Anybody else wonder why the chat just stopped 😂

  21. Top-notch AV quality. Volumed maxed with the nicest pixels I have ever seen in 2k.

  22. This is why bloo is the god of headshot in rust

  23. I'm doubled! Doubled! DOUBLED! aaawh! faints

  24. I really used to like blooprint before but for sure spoonkid is much better. Blooprint has become so fucking toxic on this game. Constantly crying when he dies and moaning calling our pussy Chad's and shit like that. You can't be that toxic and salty as a streamer

  25. Could you make a blueturtorial about what the best way to get guns are

  26. “Throwing in a decoy” you playing apex legends now or what

  27. wait blooprint been playing apex legends orrr?

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