Rust - The WAKE UP Solo/Duo Rust Base Design 2021 -

Rust – The WAKE UP Solo/Duo Rust Base Design 2021

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If your looking for a strong solo/duo Rust base design, then look no further!
This base design includes an indoor refinery, massive storage, a heli garage, and a massive amount of storage. This base has a working roof bunker that can be opened with twig. Use the bedroom to respawn on in an online raid. There is also an external TC that ensures raiders cannot grief you if they successfully raid you. I’m My Gaming Experience, I Hope you enjoy the video


Base Build Cost:

Base Upkeep:


  1. U promised us build for console! But like anyways

  2. I've been using the same exploit for years and have never seen it in a video though this bunker is the closest to replicating it that I've seen on YouTube. Wondering if its about time if the secret gets out for the masses though I have no fanbase to share it with.

  3. This is a great base overall, extremely efficient cost/value wise. There is one major issue that a lot of builders (including myself) make when designing a base and this base is a good example of such a mistake. Even though this is an excellent base, (seriously I don’t want to take anything away from this base because I do really like it) I would probably never use it in a wipe. The issue is the build path. It starts out great since you can easily just do a triangle and square with the double door just to get started, however once you have your starter, expanding from there is not as pleasant. I don’t see how you can semi expand the base since doing so means you have a wall blocking your entrance which has to be opened from the outside using twig. If you’re living in a hotspot people will shoot out that twig to prevent you from going into your base and that would be extremely annoying. So the only way around this issue is to expand out until you have your external tc and a proper front entrance which protects the bunker’s twig opening.
    This is the issue I think a lot of us make. We design bases that are excellent when fully build, however they have odd/costly build steps. Personally I prefer smaller, cheaper, less time consuming upgrades. I’ll be honest, even though I love building on build servers, when it comes to building in an actual wipe I can be lazy. Maybe that’s just me. So if I were to use this base, I would be putting off expanding from the 2×1 for as long as I could, until I literally HAVE to expand because I have zero room left. Which means a lot of time will be spent in a cramped 2×1 which means I won’t be happy since it feels cramped. I know this would be my fault for being lazy, but it is what it is.
    One of my favorite 2×2’s is yours (can’t find it anymore). I used it for a few wipes. The reason that was such a great base was the small/fast upgrade paths. The upgrade path never felt awkward or overwhelming. Just multiple small steps that always improved the base.
    You’re a great builder and I believe your best work will come if you really focus on quick, easy, cheap, upgrade paths. That’s just my opinion since I’ve noticed that what ultimately decides what base I chose for a wipe isn’t how strong/cheap/efficient it is, but how easy it is to expand and start out with.
    My philosophy when designing bases now is this: ability to start base with a simple triangle foundation and tc, expand into your starter/future bunker, expand into main entrance and roof access as to prevent doorcamping, honeycomb, add external tc’s (usually 2) to prevent losing base if raided early, if I get lucky and find reinforced glass windows early I make 1 compound entrance (like aloneintokyos) asap since I like using it as a stable (horses for solos are underrated), build second compound entrance and set up a wooden compound when I acquire large furnaces, then expand to a completed second floor (if no large furnaces I just expand to a second floor first) add shooting floor and helipad/garage when needed.
    Thank you for the videos man, I do appreciate them :).

  4. I definitely think this is one of your better builds, though a bunker that needs to be opened from the outside is extremely inconvenient and can cause you to become trapped within your bunker. if the bunker were to open from the inside i certainly think this would be a strong solo base.

  5. Can you please try to make a base with a submarine garage? (Preferably quad)

  6. Cool base. I'd put the battery where u put the extra boxes behind the bunker wall near the end tho. Then add a heli tower on top with a windmill

  7. There's still a gap that allows you to see into the base, right side as you're looking at the main entrance. To the right of the shop fronts. The 2 foundations are not connecting.

  8. This is to advanced for me I am just a prim locked goblin

  9. I thought I was okay at building but I see now

  10. You should upgrade the stone square floor next to tc to metal to prevent soft siding and make the tc unlootable

  11. Does anyone know if you can build this on rust console?

  12. For TCs in the triangles with windows, I like to place a half wall then a floor triangle frame then have the TC inside the frame. It takes a little more time when building but can at least stop players from getting your TC contents (unless they top-down you). With the floor in front of the TC, raiders can soft-side the floor and climb in. The armored triangle isn't 100% fool-proof but it's an added cost to raiding.

    Would the detachable external TC be a good option for this design?

  13. The base is nice but you need so many utility items to finish it.

  14. so why is everyone now doing bases with external tc?

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