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  1. just when i cant find anything to watch posty saves me!!

  2. Someone already came to the video to dislike it? Hahahaha, whats wrong with people..

  3. Is it just me or hearing posty speak during that ad give me a headache

  4. you know when the music comes on posty bout to fuck shit up

  5. Mira yo te veo posty y eres un puto máquina aunque no entiendo lo que dices ya que no se ingles

  6. Your videos deserve way more views! Keep it up brother, love the videos!

  7. I cant watch part 1 i need a credit card im 13 wt hell

  8. too short contents man . need more than 20 min. sorry dislike .

  9. says fifty but it shows only fifteen percent bonus

  10. Posty: gets shot at while farming a node, continues farming while dodging bullets
    Me: hears footsteps while farming, runs for dear life and hides in bush

  11. Posty while shitting his pants: Its fine, its fine, its fine, its fine. 19:06

  12. This is a Message for the Editor : please don’t increase the volume of the background music right before Posty is making plays it takes away The surprise because you know that posty is going to make a play before it actually happened

  13. jesus crist this role server is full of roof campers such a shame

  14. This "time limited" gift card deposit bonus has been going for quite a while huh

  15. I want to see you play with Hannah owo

  16. The man farms like a madman😂🤙🏼

  17. Love you two as duo, sounds like my mate and me playing constantly talking shit lmaoo. Keep it up man always look forward to watching your vids 👍

  18. Dude, i wait for next part tooo long. Plz upload everyday vid.

  19. Can't watch the first part…cause of youtubes stupid age restriction!

  20. Jesus the ak spray is garbage, holy fuck go learn it before you show it!

  21. Man I'm in tears watching this 😂 "what yhe f*ck did you do here, absolute crack head" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. love the accent danish english of your friend, is the original one hha

  23. do you guys think posty got better or worse with time

  24. So when we getting a rust movie from the PVP god?

  25. I enjoyed the banter back and forth betweenyou 2. You genuinely have a good friendship there and I hope to see more of you 2 playing Rust together. One of your best video's for just having fun and nothing else matters.


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