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Raid Cam’s are back! it has been a long time so i may be a little rusty…but here it is! TGB vs wR

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  1. Maybe the turret had no ammo, but TGB put some in it and turned it on.

  2. I always wanted to know, what is 1000pounds in American dollars

  3. wR had much heart, but not enough to stop TGB. Great work as always Vert.

  4. At 10:50. One of the members of the TBG fired the rocket and one of the TGB member got in his way and killed all 3 of them.

  5. Your vertigo really got me a big vent fan can you give me a shout out it my birthday on December 14th

  6. Why would they put the raid base in between two other bases and get attacked from both sides. I think they did the right thing

  7. What’s the video in the outro I really want to see it

  8. I miss these old raid cam videos, i loved them.

  9. If I was a member of Wr, I would've run the fuck outta there taking as much items as I could bring and run away as far as I could lol. You have no chance against TGB bruh.

  10. “It’s been a long time since I’ve free cammed in Rust. So I’m a little rUsTY”

  11. 6:25 he is using the long grass as concealment not cover. You cannot use grass for cover but you can use it for concealment

  12. Raid cam turns verts into a sportscaster every time

  13. …oh Thats Why its Called Death Room Because so many dead naked

  14. kinda fucking dumb that there is no build barrier within a certain distance of a base, and raiders can literally build shit and add extentions on to your base wily nily

  15. Ye it seems TGB is good in Offline raids

  16. So awesome you did that for mason! Happy to be a fan and subscriber. Always love watching your videos but now you’ve stolen a piece of my heart…reeeeeeeeee! Lol

  17. Raid cams.. My God, this is where I found vertiigo and his videos. Is there anyone who goes back to the original videos that they first found Vertz in all his glory?

  18. So….why not build on top of that mushroomed shaped plateau? That would have been a great place I'd think.

  19. cumomo = fattest, oldest, no life, lame-o in Rust history………EVER. Like….doesn't he have kids he needs to take care of instead of ignoring them for a video game….lolssssss no cap!

  20. Watching this just makes me realise that the Console version of rust isn’t as fancy as the devs told us it was, it’s literally just 2016 rust

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