Rust - Starter Guide -

Rust – Starter Guide

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Want to survive in Rust? We are here to help with easy to follow tips and tricks in order for you to make the most out of your time with Rust.

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  1. Love your intro And i found this guide very usefull

  2. Its like minecraft with graphics and more realistic!

  3. I really don't understand what people see in Rust and DayZ, I would rather wait for Dying Light.

  4. I might be wrong but here is my theory! Things in this univers….the rarrest and dangerous they are…more great uses they have! So,here is what i say! Find the rarrest and the most dangerous one…and that will be the cure for cancer! trust me…i am 19 years old! i know what i'm saying! 😀 …real life is just like minecraft… :3

  5. I am not sure why this game has the insane hype that it does.  It looks like it has less than 10% of its intended features, and the PvP is instant and unpredictable.  Why is everyone so interested in this?

  6. Game is buggy as hell! I shoot 12 Rounds from pistol in person and it does not kill but he run up to me killed me with one hit with the rock.

  7. tl;dw: tell other naked men that they have a nice penis, then shoot them in the face

  8. As much as i am getting a bit annoyed with so many "early acces games" nowadays, i find it alot more irratating when people judge a game during it's alpha stage or even get mad when they bought an unfinished game even thought the steam page keeps telling them " Do not buy if you can't handle issues such as crashes and bugs".
    Also the reason games like Day Z and RUST are selling alot is because the survival genre has become extreamly popular and there's no triple A survival game currently out in the public or even in the making, so all you have is indie titles which are filling up this genre alot and i don't mind it really, i quiet enjoy this type of gameplay, always paranoid, never knowing what kind of crazy situation you might get yourself into, something a simple FPS or RPG can't offer really.

  9. ups fot the awesome guide, you'd save me some time if you'd release it like 3 hours erlier

  10. Always douchebacks killing me when I say "friendly" o_O

  11. From the negative comments on the website, it looks awfull to play with other player online. Everyone is there to kill you so its unplayable. You almost never see ai zombies because real player always run to kill you. Sad 🙁 i would had buy if it was offline possible.

  12. A few tips: dont hide your base, people look harder for hidden bases. Dont log off in your house, if someone sees your sleeper they will try harder to break in, find an isolated place in a mountain and barricade yourself up, its harder for people to find because its not a complete base and people are not going to be able to see you are in a good enough spot.

  13. lol at negative comments.. the creators of the game is also the creator of the "Garry's Mod". the game is on very early development.. the developers also warned players not to buy the game early as surely you will encounter bugs and glitches. so save your complains and sh!t.

  14. Is this game worth it or should I buy Dayz? I've never played dayz so anyone please help me choose.

  15. THIS GAME IS SHIT! Nobody is friendly and playing with friends is hopeless unless they add a map. The game should be £7 not £15

  16. First time hearing of this game, reminds me of…well it doesn't need to be said lol. Might try this out.

  17. Funny, because this is a best seller on steam. And half the people hating are DayZ fans. 

  18. to the people who are getting mad at the bugs and stuff: The game is still in a very early alpha. They are still adding new things and doing some bug fixes. They even take some community requests and add or remove what the community wanted to the game. On the top right of the screen you can see that it even says that it is in a n alpha state and on steam it says something along the lines of "this game is in alpha and there are many bugs in it. Buy it if  you can handle and bugs" That is about what I can remember it it is still good evidence that it has lots of books when it is alpha.

  19. Rust is a really good game, just the community itself sucks, entirely.

  20. I liked this game better when it was called MINECRAFT!

  21. So what i'm seeing is dayZ+Minecraft? Not bad.

  22. The problem with this genre of games is the community. I love the survival part of it but in the end this will be a PvP game. In-game transactions would kill the game after a couple of months as some players will form "a guild" or whatever and hunt anything that moves with their fancy stuff bought with cash. I would buy the game if we actually had to build/gather ressources like in a Minecraft/Terraria/etc. and defend against the wild, the elements, pack of angry wolves, zombies, flood and volcanoes. 
    Imagine playing the game three months after launch. "Hi Jim, this is your rock. This is my rocket launcher. Now run."

  23. Yo, the game's in alpha. That means that less than 10% of it's intended features are in the game. This is nowhere near final release and you'd be an idiot to judge it right now. People are going to compare it to Minecraft and DayZ, and at this tags in development, that's really what it is. It's a Minecraft and DayZ mix, but only because the developers don't really know where they want to take it. It's a survival game with crafting. Soon enough, it'll have vehicles (they're actually in the code right now but yet to be implemented) and tons more. Garry Newman is making this game, okay. That's GARRY. GARRY'S MOD, GARRY. And from where that came came from to where it is now, I trust the guy and Facepunch studio with this project. 

    In a year or so, this will look absolutely different in every way. 

  24. how to survive rust = KILL EVERYTHING, trust me.

  25. How do I fix the super lags? What's the lowest quality settings so I don't lag? I can't even do anything with the lag. I'm on a lab top. Does it matter

  26. The best part is that there is cracked verion of this so u dont have to buy it for 18€ 😀 

  27. this is fucking stupid. you're telling us what to do but not how to do it? man fuck you 

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