RUST: RUINING THE GAME - Battle Royale -


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Thank you everyone for the support of late…Going to get back in the swing of things in the next few days! thank you for understanding.

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  1. Stupid fckin teamers they are killin the thrill in the battle royal they are crap

  2. Im so happy for you and your grandpa and that hes ok! Also im happy for how well u are doing and how you are just a happy person! I love the vids Vertz and you keep this awesome work up!!!!

  3. Hey verts, love you vids but I was wondering what was the video where hell march started playing and you mowed some guys down with an ak after they locked you in their compound?

  4. I love you and hope your grandfather gets better but… why are you a roosters fan?

  5. Vertiigo! I feel very bad for ur grandpa wish him luck… Also can you please make more base making vids and face cam!

  6. "I told him about the all the support you guys were giving" "he was, he was" and i bet he didnt give a fuck what a bunch of youtube subs thought if in fact you even did tell him.

    Its actually pretty cringe to see the stream of Grandfather stories in the comments.

  7. @Vertigo do you know if Facepunch devs will add back the snow biome any time soon ?

  8. please make arma 3 vids like Arma 3 Life mod or Takistan mod those are really cool mods

  9. 😀 u are just bad player and play stupidly so delete this video please

  10. good, GOOD! embrace the salt. come to the salty side my friend.

  11. hope your grandfather gets better love your videos and love rust cant wait till i get a pc that can run it.

  12. 5 years later vertiigo: FUCK I STILL HAVEN'T WON A BATTLE ROYLE!!!

  13. Vertiigo i would love to meet you 🙂 Join us at DmG-Rust Cheers mate i m looking forward to hear ur beautifull voicee

  14. Nice to hear that your grandfather is doing better!

  15. Maybe you should try the primitive battle Royale. Might have better luck.

  16. Didn't you team before, Vert? Can't be too mad about it

  17. Scientist in the streets-gorilla in the sheets says:

    Get a shirt in rust


  19. Does anybody know how to zoom in when recording videos? No on the scope, it's like the pov camera zooms in without losing detail. I've tried everything but can't figure it out, any help? Thanks

  20. Good effort, Verts! Glad your gramps is doing better.

  21. Man Vertiigo I was here since around 20-30k and left. don't know why I unsubbed but I fixed that mistake

  22. Dude, this is Battle Royale… Fuck rules, if players want to team up, they will team up to win, if players want to Camp, they will Camp to win. This is Hunger Games, if you can't handle it, you shouldn't play it.

    Stop cry for "team up" or "campers", if you don't know how to survive and how to win, don't mess up players who know how to do it.

  23. Would you like us to send you a new beating desk??

  24. Is it okay to be huge fan of both Vertiigo and Ser Winter?

  25. those guys at the end were cheating. if you didn't notice every shot that hit you was a headshot and the rest missed pretty badly.

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