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Rust Review

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Rust reviewed on PC by GB Burford.

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  1. Only fun Rust server is the Battlefield server. People killing nakeds for no reason and just a general poor community.

  2. Comparing it to other survival games and not comparing it to ARK is pretty laughable.

  3. Just released for consoles let's get it !

  4. This game deserves a much more in depth review than this, this is basically someone who is judging a game based off minimal playtime, you need to spend alot of time with this game to really learn it, not necessarily saying its his fault tho

  5. this man ignored the whole purpose of the game: kill other players to get there loot, thats how u progress and get blueprints and such

  6. He said you’ll have to be lucky enough to find gear to go in zones with radiation but that’s not true, you can make a set of armor with cloth which is easy to find and go in the zones.

  7. Did he really just recommend metal gear survive!?

  8. This dude sounds quite salty from the start 😂

  9. Will this game be cross-play with pc?

  10. Will this game be cross-play with pc?

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