Rust Raids: Our Most Profitable Raid EVER -

Rust Raids: Our Most Profitable Raid EVER

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In this video we profited like crazy! I have never seen so many Assault Rifles before…

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  1. anyone know how to make this resolution?? REALLY want it

  2. The Indian guy was funny the accent lol

  3. Only criticism is that i dont know how you got out id like to see the full raid

  4. Why are people so stupid and are hiding their stuff at the top? I mean you can easily build up there…
    I would hide my loot in the middle

  5. how can i get in on thissss, solo playing is driving me nuts PM me


  7. Why are you guys raiding while talking with a callcenter ?

  8. Sub for the indian guy xD he made me laugh xD

  9. ur graphics card is weak asf i recommend u getting a page on patreon and getting a new graphics card but whatever.. still enjoyed the video!

  10. Random question what would i need to record in the best quality ?

  11. these guys sounded annoyed by abu ….. rip abu 🙁

  12. You couldn't have waited till after the raid to call tech support ?

  13. LMFAO. "Abu look at this box of ak's, bolts, and c4+rockets" Abu – "OHD MAI GAD. I god doo kay metal frags and tree kay Cha coal"

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