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Rust Preview

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Have you ever played a game where a naked man kills you with a rock? If not, then you haven’t played Rust.


  1. Who is the narrator of game trailers cause that guy does a great job and makes the episodes interesting so give that guy a raise

  2. This game is Super addictive , i literally want not to Sleep at all just play even if im,sleepin i worry if someone is gonna raid my house and wanna go guard it and all my treasures there xD

  3. When I was young we had to find our own rock. And we were thankful for it. shakes cane

  4. when r they going to make a open world zombie game with good graphics and physics?

  5. LOL, I love the psychological affect this game has on a player.

  6. Rust needs a police force/army to hunt all the murders! 🙂 .

    I've seen people playing an Arma 2 mod where killing unarmed people or those that didn't trade fire with the aggressive players, have them labelled a murder and the in game police force (other players 🙂 ), hunting them down 🙂 .

  7. All commenters go to Markiplier he has a funny rust episods and see the 9 one to see the creatigity of rust players

  8. lol this game is hilarious…….
    I found it more amusing than dayZ stand alone that trash(even tho its alpha its been in work for 18months, pretty pathetic still…I seen other alphas that are way better)

  9. this is hilarious! i would love to try this game out when its complete

  10. Whats the dramatic music during the last half? I always hear it in videos but never actually found out what its called

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