rust players be like -

rust players be like

Welyn Highlights
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  1. The first thing when I join my first Rust server is going to be this kid's actions… A bit louder

  2. You’re not you when you’re hungry, SNICKERS

  3. congratulations Welyn! Learning Borgorglyphics is a difficult task!

  4. That was the best rust content ever made

  5. Hello. I am here to inform you about your car's extended warranty.

  6. The synced scream!! Everything about this was gold!

  7. this makes me think rust players are a bunch of idiots with ak's

  8. – wat do u wan with your hamdergerbugerber ?

    – i wan weschuschtershire sauce pleaze

  9. I knew he was going for the rock toss in the air

  10. that was wholesome. someone died. but it was wholesome.

  11. An all time low for youtube.
    I still laughed though, good job making the basement fun bruther!!!!

  12. this is the most accurate depiction of rust i have ever seen

  13. Welyn thinks tax evasion is poggers confirmed

  14. "Wow, you really are like one of those rust players."

  15. This was a great thing to start my day with. I am pleased.

  16. you must be able to speak russian chinese and korean on Rust

  17. That move is called the rainbow bop (aka the teardrop bop)

  18. Sounds like flashgitzs Connor mcgregor impression 😂😂👏

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