(RUST OTV SERVER) The MAGIC MUSIC MAN (Day #2) [Livestream] - e-gamers.tv

(RUST OTV SERVER) The MAGIC MUSIC MAN (Day #2) [Livestream]

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  1. I know reading these comments may not help alot and i can't imagine what your going through but i know for a fact everything will be alright

  2. Fuck Twitch. Wobbles no matter what happens know you've got loyal fans and friends who love you and your content.

  3. This is some BS because Wobbles is a change men and Twitch is a B they listen to the most popular people who give them money. Let Wobbles be free!! MrWobbles you have US and we will always support you and your music !!! 💜💜 Don’t be depressed this community is here for you !! Live on Music !!!

  4. This was some of the best music I ever heard this stream. Will is only banned till the 19th for linking wobbles's channels in chat. Had nothing to do with him being in the otv server. It's a blessing in disguise because it outraged several streamers that have wobbles back

  5. You need a shirt that says Simp Mafia 🤣🤣

  6. love you man just don't quit. take your time dude we're here

  7. Since I found your channel I literally kept watching all of your videos, new and old ones. You're amazing. Stop being insecure, we are here to support you.

  8. Keep your head up wobbles. I was worried this would happen but something may change because of it who knows.

  9. We all do mistakes. I try to be a really good person, but sometimes I did also my faults. It's okay. We learning.

  10. Holy f'ing shit…. Imagine you get Perma banned because you got pissed at someone who WAS LITERALLY DDOSing, Doxxing, and harassing you for weeks on end…

    F Twitch Staff…

  11. honestly Twitch and YouTube are both Scumbags. YouTube is Screwing over "MxR Play's" channel right now to.

  12. Twitch makes me fucking sick! The hypocrisy is insane, there are so many genuinely horrible people on twitch that never get permanently banned but wobbles gets the harshest punishment for something so insignificant compared to the terrible things that other streamers say and do and it pisses me off. The fact that erobb is still on twitch after all the shit he did is sickening but if you make one mistake it's a permaban, and on top of that now they threaten your friends and force you not play with them. Get a lawyer dude and hit them hard, there's so much horrible shit that people on twitch have and continue to get away with without consequences you could be a multi millionaire if you took them to court. And the best part is that all the dirt you need on them is on their own fucking website, take em to court and use their own content as evidence and you're guaranteed to walk away with more money than you'll ever need in this life, and the possibly the next. Fuck them for trying to make you choose between your friends and your job, and for making your friends choose between their job or friends. No way in hell should any of you take this shit laying down, lawyer up, group together and take twitch to the cleaners bro! The moment it hits the news is the moment you all win, twitch will shit themselves the second it makes it onto social media and the news. They don't know how to bend, so they'll break.

  13. Man you dont deserve that BS, stop saying you do. We fucking love you. I wasn't able to join your stream last night but I would have come out here and supported you. Cool down and let's figure out a way out of this. How do we get you unbanned? It can't be forever right? You have an entire community behind you, stay strong!

  14. <3 love u wobbles been here for while love ur content ur like the only youtuber that makes me laugh my nuts off

  15. It’s sad that twitch TOS ruined all this for us by banning Willneff and ruining a talented mans career even after he’s stopped streaming on the platform. Seems spiteful on twitch’s half that even if someone isn’t even streaming on there platform they still actively try to ruin a man career. Wobbles if anything was helping adding to twitch streams with his incredible talent. Really sad to see… This whole rust OTV has so many positives for all parties involved; viewers get drops provided by rust, twitch/streamer get rust players viewing than twitch twitch might have already done, the rust category gets more viewers and streamers in that section and not only that but it make fantastic content at the same time! WIN WIN WIN !!! But it really leave a sour taste in the mouth to see how twitch has handled the whole situation and could ruin it for everyone involved just because there spiteful attitude towards banned streamer. It just seems that twitch is out to get people even after there banned and that is something that needs to change. Not only that, the fact that Wobbles was getting deserved recognition for his talent seems to be the motive behind it (as it only becomes a problem after he gained attention on LSF, CashApp etc. ) especially due to the fact that this all occurred around a week after Wobbles joined the server. Twitch need to sort out its TOS and revoke Willneff’s ban. Even then I believe that this has caused some irreversible damage to Rust OTV/drops and Wobbles ability colllab with these streamer and make more amazing content. ;(

  16. I can`t believe this shit. Wobbles just wants to make everyone happy and have a good time and Twitch just ruins it for everyone. They all got good content out of it and he even streams on a different plattform. Honestly fuck them. I will never go on Twitch again.

  17. amazing performer. straight back into it! 26:00 – the show goes on

  18. I'm down to protest for will and wobbles outside of twitch Corp. Just let me know. We can all protest in beatbox songs

  19. I'm thinking it's better to Livestream Facebook, and yt.

  20. Its so unfair!! twich banned him and they do nothing with the hot tube streamers!!! Bro keep it up, your content is gold!

  21. Wobbles brought so much happiness to this server. It's a shame that big tech has to pick on certain people. Keep fighting Wobbles even if it seems impossible, your friends and your fans have your back brother <3

  22. Honestly dude, you made so many people so happy! Everyone who has met you loves you and your content. Chin up my dude. Your content is gold! 💥👏💥

  23. hey will you be streaming on twitch instead of youtube now that you got unbanned???!?!?

  24. Im sorry wobbles I hope you're doing better man, I would totally be down to play with you and stream. You're an amazing person and I know things will work out they always do if you need to talk someone I'm here for u

  25. Wobbles I didn’t discover you until you started playing on the otv rust server but man oh man I wish I would’ve discovered you sooner even though you probably won’t see this you are amazingly talented and just because something you did years ago doesn’t define who you are forever even if it was deserved at the time I hope you being on this server helps you find great new friends and congrats on being able to stream on twitch again looking forward to watching your journey it has been wonderful watchin I don’t usually watch whole 4+ hours vods but the content never ends with you I hope you blow up cause you deserve it man GOOD LUCK MR WOBBLE I BELIEVE IN YOU 🙌🏼

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