(RUST OTV SERVER) The MAGIC MUSIC MAN (Day #2) [Livestream] - e-gamers.tv

(RUST OTV SERVER) The MAGIC MUSIC MAN (Day #2) [Livestream]

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  1. You are so amazing and very talented, ever since I watched one of your omegle videos I was just amazed by everything, I really hope that more people in the Twitch community help to get you out there, because Twitch shouldn’t be holding ones past against ones self for so long, again, I hope the Twitch community is able to help out, because this is total bs

  2. Wobbles I didn’t discover you until you started playing on the otv rust server but man oh man I wish I would’ve discovered you sooner even though you probably won’t see this you are amazingly talented and just because something you did years ago doesn’t define who you are forever even if it was deserved at the time I hope you being on this server helps you find great new friends and congrats on being able to stream on twitch again looking forward to watching your journey it has been wonderful watchin I don’t usually watch whole 4+ hours vods but the content never ends with you I hope you blow up cause you deserve it man GOOD LUCK MR WOBBLE I BELIEVE IN YOU 🙌🏼

  3. Im sorry wobbles I hope you're doing better man, I would totally be down to play with you and stream. You're an amazing person and I know things will work out they always do if you need to talk someone I'm here for u

  4. hey will you be streaming on twitch instead of youtube now that you got unbanned???!?!?

  5. Honestly dude, you made so many people so happy! Everyone who has met you loves you and your content. Chin up my dude. Your content is gold! 💥👏💥

  6. Wobbles brought so much happiness to this server. It's a shame that big tech has to pick on certain people. Keep fighting Wobbles even if it seems impossible, your friends and your fans have your back brother <3

  7. Its so unfair!! twich banned him and they do nothing with the hot tube streamers!!! Bro keep it up, your content is gold!

  8. I'm thinking it's better to Livestream Facebook, and yt.

  9. I'm down to protest for will and wobbles outside of twitch Corp. Just let me know. We can all protest in beatbox songs

  10. amazing performer. straight back into it! 26:00 – the show goes on

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