Rust - ONLINE RAIDING on WIPEDAY as a TRIO (Blooprint Stream Highlights) -

Rust – ONLINE RAIDING on WIPEDAY as a TRIO (Blooprint Stream Highlights)

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  1. Me and my crew did this on wipe day on console it was a bad idea high latency and blue screen

  2. Gg bloo I was the guy you onlined, I got rocket had no chance to defend

  3. dammmm i was looking forward to seeing if the boys were into ranch and mayo tuna sandwich

  4. "For sure I think." They definitely should maybe go the Bandit Camp shore. 9:36

  5. How did I never meet up with you, I was the guy that lived in the water right next to bandit camp.

  6. Blo “ you bumped into me in game so my finger irl missed the number”🤣🤣🤣

  7. I fucking dare you to say "welcome to rust, daddy"

  8. It’s fun to watch Bloo kill someone and that chat fucking explode

  9. Dood how do you it me and my friend suck at rust

  10. Love the videos and have learned a lot from you just started playing on console when it came out! Appreciate the tips and videos! I know you probably only play pc but if your ever on console I’d love to meet ya

  11. Hey bloooprint im new to rust i play on console and i wish i could play W u but rip😕

  12. am i the only person wondering how a fking boat got into their compound in the middle of the map?

    Also how did the first rocket not dmg you at all but the second insta kills you? jesus rust.

  13. They make a base like that in one day and I make the same in a week..

  14. bloo how do yall get the skins for garage doors and stuff, love you man

  15. i wish i had a pc for rust it’s literally the only game i play and i have to play it on console:(((

  16. What's with the non sequitur boat just chilling in the middle of the compound at the end?

  17. imagine coco blooprint wally and Tesla all teamed up

  18. Can console join you’re server or jus pc I don’t feel like having to clean a pc

  19. Do u play on official, community, or modded?

  20. Bloo print can i team wiht you um a noob and all players kill my

  21. Play with spoon I want more content from you guys 😠😠

  22. I love your vids BUT YOU SPELLED DEPOT WRONG, you spell it depod like no please no much 💕

  23. forget welcome to rust ur new phrase should be “i’m doubled”

  24. I wish I was able to play rust this summer, everyone had told me that they eventually run out of time to play and that’s what’s happened to me

  25. Your truly a god man love ur content dude

  26. Sorry, can't support any video with Shacky in it.

  27. You guys are one of those lazy players, not a fan of that playstyle rather watch spoonkid that's a solo god 👍

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