rust on gmod is awful -

rust on gmod is awful

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  1. Rust for people who can't afford the real rust.

  2. Aww, i feel sorry for the last guy, although he is playing gmod rust…

  3. 9.99 version of rust, instead running on source.

  4. I pissed someone off while using your accent are you proud of me? He refused any sausage rolls

  5. “No mas bitch” this man went full Taco Bell on that guy

  6. "Trusting me will be your downfall."
    *laughs nervously*

  7. hey can i ask what sound effect is that on the intro?

  8. played this and now i have aids and cancer and diabetes 🙁

  9. how do u only have 4k subs? jeez, i found your channel a week ago ive been watching u 24/7 since. good shit man

  10. Ayo, wanna make some gmod vids together? Your vids are pretty funny and I’m looking for people to make gmod vids with since most of my friends dont have gmod.

  11. Of course it has that one Russian guy hahaha. Just like rust

  12. no fun allowed in the presence of funny aussie man

  13. Just found ya channel. Love it man. Ya ever gonna go do this on GTA fiveM rp servers?

  14. I like that you didnt got teleported to an admin sit,lol.

  15. You gotta admit that taking one facepunch game and put it in another is an interesting thing to do.

  16. I stumbled across your channel by accident, love the content so far. I think with a bit of of polish and spit you will go far. Keep it up homie! : )

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