Rust new camper but its 1000x (hahaha)... -

Rust new camper but its 1000x (hahaha)…

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In today’s video we built a trap base that uses the new push notification from Rust plus. It’s very overpowered.


[EU] Brits 2x SOLO ONLY INFO: (Wipes Thursdays)
[EU] Brits 2x SOLO Only


[EU] Brits 2x SOLO DUO TRIO INFO: (Wipes Mondays)


[EU] Brits 2x SOLO DUO: (Wipes Mondays)
[EU] Brits 2x SOLO DUO

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  1. Do you just live day to day with a stopped up nose?? Lol

  2. Nice to see you on skunkpuss such an funny server definitely come by again

  3. Hey i’m just wonder what is this server called

  4. Dude,,,, What server is that?????? Looks awesome!

  5. i love the runescape music. i play osrs while watching your videos!!!

  6. the 2c4 on the sheet doors hurt my soul

  7. Lmao loved the video, excellent quality as always

  8. You can drag those full stacks of guns over. Just use the hover loot

  9. Thank you too everyone for all the positive reactions about the server and your interest in wanting to play on it. I hope to see you soon. Thank you brit for making a video🙏

  10. Love the custom server videos..🤟👍🤟👍

  11. Man dragon city it's a classic man I used to play this game a lot when I was a kid it's released around 5 to 8 years ago

  12. And could have spawned in a large modular car with some scrap lol

  13. I wonder if there is a extended camper version to make a long camper

  14. This is gonna make me sound double stupid, but watching these videos really make me look forward to community servers on console. PvP and silly ideas without risking hours and hours of work looks like fun.

  15. When did you become a PvP god???

  16. You should go on ukn and practice ak and mp5 for like a couple a hours of even 30 minutes a day and it makes a world of a difference

  17. I think the first three slot car engine just needed a bit of HQM to repair.

  18. brit u ccan use blood to heal yourself 70% put in hotbar mouse wheel onto it and click

  19. How much hours you have i have 400 and i see my spray from ak is better sorry

  20. So, you had 2,5mi High Quality and built a STONE BASE?

  21. Monster Legends is a shit game and you should be ashamed of yourself for promoting it on your video.
    Instant downvote.

  22. Nice editing… looks like someone needs an editor 😉

  23. I want to see chad brit one day but keep up the videos man specially the solo ones

  24. imagine looting when u get everything from kits

  25. What’s the command for the visual hit markers

  26. You’re just not good my friend
    Love the vids anyway

  27. shame u can't put a generator in your van and a turret on top 😉 , on 2nd thoughts a mobile auto turret sounds crazy OP

  28. thumbs down for putting runescape music with shitty add. sorry

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