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  1. I want to know why Alec Baldwin would discharge any firearm in the direction of another human being? Regardless of blanks or live rounds were in the firearm.. you never fire in the direction of people!! This is a Trump call out of Low IQ people.

  2. Great they rush it and now someone's DEAD.

  3. The film industry requires multiple safety steps to ensure that these types of accidents never happen. EVERY SINGLE REQUIRED STEP WAS IGNORED BY EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THIS TRAGEDY.

  4. I’m just waiting for the armor chick to say everyone is blaming her because she’s a woman and no one respected or listened to her.

  5. Alec Baldwin has always been a Producer, NOT Executive Producer. Media outlets / youtubers have just been reporting inaccurate information from the start.

  6. Alec was only a producer so he could use his limited liability company to dodge tax.

  7. It's sad, but it's to be expected. It's easy to point the finger at one element of this story (can be an individual, guns in general, Alec Baldwin or any number of things) but what people need to understand is that the production was like a melting pot of the worst aspects of Hollywood – bad practices, nepotism, cronyism, putting money before safety and general incompetence. Unless this is acknowledged as a whole nothing will be learnt from this.

  8. Totally off subject and I apologize. But it would be an amazing thing if you could read to me every night with your lovely accent 🔥

  9. I feel bad for Alec, but hes a dummy. You never assume a gun is empty and just fire it at a person.

  10. Serious question, how often do Executive Producers get that title basically in title only? I often notice in movie and TV show credits that you often get numerous EPs, which also include the stars of the show. Not trying to suggest Baldwin shouldn’t bear any responsibility (he should), but how often do people sign on to projects on the condition that they also get EP credit? Especially when it comes to stars in the movies or shows?

  11. Smart Alec is a POS, what if someone handed you a real gun and told you it's unloaded, would you aim it at your children and pull the trigger. Involuntary manslaughter and millions of $$$ in civil lawsuits. "who handed me a hot gun", POS.

  12. Irrespective of the law, all present will live with the mental impact of their own assessed guilt plus their actions in "betraying" friendships while covering their own arses. None of the production crew will have a normal life now. I doubt counselling will help – only ego will help.

  13. They would’ve taken credit if the movie was successful, aye? 🤔🤔🙄

  14. I was taught to shoot the first woman I see when I pick up a gun. From this example..

  15. I used to like Alex Baldwin. But now I have a different opinion. He should of had more control of his crew and his actions. He will never recover from the fallout of this event. It will follow him the rest of his days. This was not a prop gun it was the real deal that fired real bullets.

  16. Does politics have a place in the movie industry? . . . That's a trick question. Really a joke. It's all theater. Right now, the law is "Shaking the spear" (being a minor actor as Shakespeare was in his own plays) while Alec is pretending to be an old woman (Macbeth's wife). His career and personal virtue is in his hands: "Out damn spot!"

  17. An Executive Armorer + Armorer + Deputy Armorer, “Might” of Fixed this Situation & Circumstance.

    Newer Laws & Regulations that allow an Armorer to Red Flag 🚩 a situation could future avoid such things that involve any sort of Live Type Ammunition Props or likewise so.

    But that’s just me..

  18. Problem is they think guns are toys and they have no respect for them a real gun must be treated as a live gun at all times and must be check by the one who pulls the trigger no matter what anyone tells them ….. If your friend hands you a gun and said it's not loaded and you pulled the trigger and killed some you would be 100% at fault for not checking
    it, a firearm must be check before you start pulling the trigger again it's not a toy like they are making it sound like and the chain of responsibility the one who pulled the trigger fault for killing that is reckless negligent homicide the one who handed the gun reckless endangerment that caused death anyone else can only be sued.

  19. Thanks again for another well presented and comprehensive update….. I look forward to your video coverage and find it very informative…

  20. You distinguish yourself by being at least a cool-headed source of breaking news. I´ve rebuked others for (ab)using the “power-of-the-mic“ in the Internet Echo Chamber.

    Therefore, to you an actual conspiracy theory: Hannah Gutierrez-Reed insists that no live rounds were used or available on set. An investigation of the premises by the Santa Fe County Sheriff dept. found 500 rounds of mixed blanks and live rounds. Someone is lying. There may however be an alternative scenario.

    Concerning the six crew who walked off the set just six hours before the incident, because of an unresolved dispute about broken contractual stipulations resulting in an overlong commute, and late paychecks, and unsafe conditions, WHAT IF one of them, before the group was escorted off the set by production security (they were threatened to have the police be called to do it), had in a fit of very bad ethical discrimination indeed, had presumed to “teach“ the production a lesson in just how dangerous a live round is, by loading one into a prop weapon? People have done worse things in the heat of an argument.

    By all accounts, Gutierrez-Reed, who it is now known was doing double duty for the responsibilities of both Head Armourer and Assistant Prop Master, was inexperienced and lax regarding the absolute security and continuous disposition of the prop weapons — which by the way had to be left outside the interior set on a mobile cart because of COVID restrictions.

    Just saying….

  21. Executive Producers bring script, talent or money.

    Generally they AREN'T responsible for day to day on set production.

  22. One person…the trigger puller. Your responsibility to know the safety procedures involved, YOU are pulling the trigger, not the prop master, not the assistant director, YOU…period.

  23. 1. The Governor will call the Attorney General and remind him how important the film industry is to the state's economy.
    2. The Attorney General will call the Prosecutor and remind him how important the film industry is to the state's economy.
    3. The Prosecutor will charge them with multiple charges in a dog and pony show for the media to create a facade of imminent justice
    4. The Prosecutor will then quietly accept a plea bargain and they will get a slap on the wrist in the form of a minor fine.
    This is how the world works for the rich and powerful

  24. Alec Baldwin took a liking to school shootings/mass shooting, and tried it out. How in the world can u preach gun control while you shoot up the place?

  25. A B will be behind bars soon

  26. Same old story executives today claim they treat their employees well at same time they cut corners in safety and only care about profit.

  27. Considering what a douche-nozel Baldwin is in real life and with his constant violent outbursts littering his past, I can't think of a more deserving person to end up behind bars. Of course reality being a crazy town these days I can also see a small settlement occurring where no one is blamed. Hollywood loves their cover ups.

  28. They all should me think because there’s bin lies after lies to that has come out to And tell them to get their story right to who was responsible for health and safety in checking everything thoroughly

  29. Producers have responsibility above Exec Produces. EPs are money men. Producers and Production Managers (Line Producers) hire staff.

  30. … so when do we get the first trailer?…. : P

  31. We all could see the Producers lining up the patsy over the past few weeks, and throwing her inexperienced "Armorer" ass under the bus. Now its they're invoking the Shaggy defense, "Its wasn't Me !". LOL. Awful typical Mid-Wit Cowards, and typical actions of that milieu, invariably throw the lower classes (in their minds) to the Wolves, so they can walk away . . . unblemished by their own responsibilities.

  32. I’m not gonna watch it but is the movie RUST still coming out?

  33. and lets not forget all the corners were cut so alec baldwin could make more money.

  34. My favorite part of these updates, a gentleman with an obvious European Background points out and is somewhat confused by the sleaze of American Monkey Biz. These bastards, including and led by Baldwin, cut corners everywhere to save money. Who knows how many times Indie Production Companies get away with it??? This time it cost a life. Now these immoral, unethical scumbags, including Baldwin, are covering their butts to salvage their $$$ over life. It's the American WAY. Bravo Sir! Your honesty is appreciated. I hope Halyna's family, at the least, bankrupts these pricks in civil court.

  35. Woke hollywood rats jumping off the sinking ship

  36. H, I think you are covering this better than any news outlet on the web or anywhere else. Keep it up 💯

  37. Big mouth Baldwin needs to shoulder the blame because he is responsible.

  38. The only Blame Game is that ALEC BALDWIN IS A BOLDFACE LYING MURDERER and Why he will get away with this is BULLSHIT

  39. What is he not arrested already? Oh, yeah, his liberal white male privilege.

  40. Any drugs on the set any mafia what's xwifes say ever had any kind of psyc evaluation all questions sheriff Mendoza probably wouldn't even dare ask. So who will were waiting !

  41. One other question rumors any rumors large cash allotments bribe payoffs mafia esc,esc

  42. It’s an Alec Baldwin film…it’s his film… Who shot the gun?

  43. To call Rust a movie production denigrates the industry! It was a carnival event at best! 4 people are up for jail time & probation: The Production Manager, The Propmaster, The Armorer and 1st AD. Whoever gets in front of the curve first and helps the investigators form the case will get some leniency. The insurance was skimpy but 13 producers are on the hook for monetary damages.

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