Rust - Missions -

Rust – Missions

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Our October 2021 patch is now live:

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  1. These cinematics are so well done. Keep up the great work!

  2. Now it's being more interesting have a moving raid base🤩🤩

  3. God these trailers are always so friggin good!

  4. FACEPUNCH ALL MY SETTINGS GOT CHANGED WTF WHY AND I CANT USE bind mouse1 "+attack2;+input.sensitivity .25;input.sensitivity .137;"

  5. Why can’t face punch get rid of double eleven they are so trash face punch we need y’all to take over the console port

  6. Oh Boy! Can't wait until a quarter of this stuff is added in console 3 years later!

  7. A Minute and 48 Seconds of pure enjoyment

  8. Que locuuraaaaa amigoooo me vuelvo locoo!!!

  9. See, THESE GUYS GET RUST. This trailer was SICK!
    DOUBLE 11 CAN’T COMPARE! Take notes, D11!

  10. how long are you guys in the progress of the upgradable weapon that you posted at your roadmaps

  11. Please work on console first bc they’re graphics are still ass and they can’t even ride a horse

  12. When is ps4 gonna get this also when’s ps4 getting oil rig and cargo

  13. i did a few. one was metal axe reward for finding a bottle, one was get 2k wood and reward was crossy and arrows, 3rd was kill any 3 animals and got pants, lumberjack jacket, bucket helmet. Definitely meant for primmys.

  14. Wow this is what they add ? ffs the game is still laggy as poop

  15. When will we be able to untie underwater crates faster if we have a knife equipped? 😀

  16. Rust pvp and you loosing all your guns and getting harassed by 6 mans is just too much for a solo like me. I can never play official for this reason.

  17. Meanwhile on console….You can buy skins!!! Yayyy

  18. “Im not a crazed gun man dad, I’m an assassin!

  19. This is what Rust Console Edition needs we get barely anything like if you agree

  20. please dont ever make missions necessary it will kill and change rust but some people like them and can help more people to play who like that style but if it becomes necessary it will be like what happened to world of warcraft with rust maybe

  21. Where is hapis island ??????? Give it back !!!

  22. hacker by association is a stupid rule beware if you are new like i was you can get banned from having some one on your team do exploits or run a script aware or not it happened to me and i was confused and upset because instead or a warning or strike i was banned

  23. i love the new camper module me and my friends are having so fun in it

  24. even the legacy version can do pls dev pls do something we are so bored of all these shitty ripoff rust like games in playstore we are bored of watching other youtubers playing on there high pc and us as a audiunce pls dev we need a mobile rust :(( anyways good work dev and hope for the mobile rust

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