Rust Legacy - Part 15: "Massive Kevlar Attack!" -

Rust Legacy – Part 15: “Massive Kevlar Attack!”

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  1. Carl sounds like dead squirrel.. Anyone else agree?

  2. We were in French valley.. in the wooded part.. an airdrop was placed.. the fire from 100+ people was overwhelming.. we held them off as long as we could in a half ass base in the bushes.. best 2 hours of our lives when we were getting online raised among the chaos

  3. bro this guys the worst team mate iv ever heard lol… always blames everyone else.

  4. This is the first game i played on my pc back in 2013 the legacy is and remains my favourite game. So sad you can‘t play it anymore

  5. don't worry there probably. bad at the game they need hacks an aim bot.Fucking sore bad ass rust legacy losers

  6. god this takes me so far back i miss when he would play Rust Legacy so much wish he would again

  7. join the Noob ARMY on the AcW legacy server I still play daily and alot of others do too

  8. that cheater MiCan still plays on Spanish server and cheats hard

  9. I am watching this because I miss the old days

  10. This dude is seriously too bossy and keeps putting down his team with the way he talks to them. I would have cussed this dude out if I was on his team.

  11. the gunplay, stacking, aesthetic, and frames where a lot better in legacy. I play new rust all the time but i miss legacy

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