Rust Legacy - Part 15: "Massive Kevlar Attack!" -

Rust Legacy – Part 15: “Massive Kevlar Attack!”

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  1. Looks fun, just need.. friends and a mic.  

  2. I can't stand cheaters, they're the lowest form of gamers. They're the reason Planetside One, ended up dieing like it did.

  3. What do you use to play this I know it's on the computer but do u plug an Xbox controller?

  4. why didnt you grab some guns and ammo so you have a full inventory

  5. Boredem strikes once again add me on skype To play rust or what eves im boredd add me damian199971

  6. holy shit , good video but stop fukn flame other ppl 

  7. You need to stop cracking it at your team mates. i get your frustrated but in the end its just a game.. stop getting so angry over it

  8. Haha! I remember this so good! sadly you guys teleported away with all the loot when we blew in to your base.. 🙁 Good fight anyways

  9. wuts the difference between legacy and normal rust

  10. Don't sweat it the reason they are hacking is because they don't know how to play the game and to feel good because there mom stoped giving them bj's😵

  11. Any one else notice in the rust chat R.I.P Robin Williams? At 7:43 ?????

  12. Hahahaha MICAN doesn't hack your just all shit at rust, you cant play it like other games your used to play.

  13. Michael Masandilov-CeltoGermanicTribesman says:

    he is not a cheater. he is a hacker. cheats are only for SP for MP it is called HACKS

  14. And I thought nobody could be saltier than salt itself.
    You proved me wrong.

  15. Why the fuck are you leaving thooses worthy things there they are fucking despawning!

  16. My soul kind of died when rust legacy became outdated, cus the new rust is just shit imo. But I've found a game I love possibly more than legacy. Check out ark if you like rust legacy

  17. the gunplay, stacking, aesthetic, and frames where a lot better in legacy. I play new rust all the time but i miss legacy

  18. This dude is seriously too bossy and keeps putting down his team with the way he talks to them. I would have cussed this dude out if I was on his team.

  19. I am watching this because I miss the old days

  20. that cheater MiCan still plays on Spanish server and cheats hard

  21. join the Noob ARMY on the AcW legacy server I still play daily and alot of others do too

  22. god this takes me so far back i miss when he would play Rust Legacy so much wish he would again

  23. don't worry there probably. bad at the game they need hacks an aim bot.Fucking sore bad ass rust legacy losers

  24. This is the first game i played on my pc back in 2013 the legacy is and remains my favourite game. So sad you can‘t play it anymore

  25. bro this guys the worst team mate iv ever heard lol… always blames everyone else.

  26. We were in French valley.. in the wooded part.. an airdrop was placed.. the fire from 100+ people was overwhelming.. we held them off as long as we could in a half ass base in the bushes.. best 2 hours of our lives when we were getting online raised among the chaos

  27. Carl sounds like dead squirrel.. Anyone else agree?

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