RUST: IT WAS WORTH IT - Episode 8 -


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I finally return to the butt naked world of rust! and as i promised i am no longer trusting people, its dog eat dog.


  1. Oh the good old days of rust.When there was the blueprint system.

  2. That soundtrack at the end had me busting nuts left and right. Please tell me the name of this exquisite music that floods my ears near the end of the video.

  3. Wow that view was beatiful it even comes with a horse wow just WoW

  4. vertiigo love your vids and i have some requests. pls continue making your bone collector bill videos aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i would love it if you put the title of songs in your description. thx love the vids. I hail to the noob army and the legions of bone. for rome, for noobs, for Vertiigo

  5. i always come back because i love Ah yes my good man! 😀

  6. Where is the video of him swiming in the water singing the song?????? uggggh

  7. Urno must of been the creepiest fella on Rust.

  8. Urno is sooooo funny 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Wow man! I love the music at the end of the video. It was so EPIC!

  10. Lol are you talking so softly not to bother the rest of your family?

  11. You're a fuckin idiot you sit there and drag cloths on……..

  12. What u mean it was “attacked” does that mean their was all out war?

  13. its a pain to watch how as u loot the bodies… but i love the channel still

  14. When i was playing Rust i always hide my stuff under my floor so i dont get raided

  15. You already bring me back up when I’m feeling down… Love your content bro. You’re amazing

  16. Lol, 1:04 "a new Vertiigo that does not take any shit" he goes around a corner and there's a guy standing there, then the camera cuts away.

  17. was that guy an Australian cause "g'day g'day & how's it goin" is an Australian song.

  18. everytime i hear vert say ''how are you today?'' my brain responds with ''santiago is fabulous'' (fallout new vegas reference)

  19. Anyone else rewatching since vertiigo is taking a break because of health

  20. You’re so funny. That was such a perfect video.

  21. "g'day g'day"
    "how you goin?"
    "strike a light"

  22. This video is getting a like because of the song 😂😂 nicely done 👍

  23. "Ah yes my good man!" sounds like a text to speech microphone thing

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