Rust in Minecraft is Horrible -

Rust in Minecraft is Horrible

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In this video, I play Rust in Minecraft. I found a Minecraft server that replicates Rust in Minecraft and let’s just say not everything went to plan…

Server: Rustex

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You Cut Your Finger – Fallen Inc.

My Studio Monitor Headphones Broke): – Fallen Inc.

Minecraft, but is Rust. Rust, but it’s Minecraft. Rust Minecraft server. Minecraft rust. Minecraft Rust server.

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  1. U should try different minecraft rust, this is one of the worst ones that u showed in this vid

  2. I played in this server for 3 real days and i find no fkng stone wth dude

  3. Даниил Александрович says:

    Я один тут русский

  4. Don’t you mean ‘rust in minecraft’ instead of ‘minecraft in rust’?

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