Rust in a Nutshell -

Rust in a Nutshell

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Rust is one of the most punishing video games on the market. It’s also hilariously funny, but it is a painful, painful game. This is a story of how we started to play, and how we got betrayed so hard we already want to uninstall.






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  1. MA MAN PLAYING THE ONE AND ONLY RUST, love and hate this game to death

  2. now just wanna see Tux and Welyn collab

  3. I’m happy for tux with the new typa content and with his second channel. However I miss siege so much. Nothing will ever compare to the stupidity of it. But don’t get me wrong these new vids are definitely the step in the right direction

  4. most impulsive degenerate wins the server

  5. I love how tux videos get progressively less cohesive over time, they just get more and more shitpostey

  6. Glad to see your content is branching out more and more per upload keep up the fantastic content mate 👍

  7. Rust in a nutshell: Spawns in
    Random dude who has been grinding on the day of wipe for the past 17 hours: wounds you Your trash at the game you f#&$@ n$#@&”

  8. They could have placed the tc and removed the door frame….

  9. The fact that the roof is still twig🤣🤣

  10. omg the twig roof im will die if they dont go in through the top

  11. He impaled the guy thru the head then says help me with this 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Free paco sanz, me he estado descojonado 10 min

  13. Hey tux just wanted to ask, do you ever miss snake dst? Just asking cause I used to watch from the divison days, you and snake had such a good bond.

  14. Throwing beancans on a base with twig roof is the new "tripled him dead"

  15. The fact that so many content creators streamed this game.. yikes

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