RUST: How NOT To Raid - (Raid Cam) -

RUST: How NOT To Raid – (Raid Cam)

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In this raid cam we see a very confused group try to raid a heavily armored base, the raid goes from average to bad to down right funny… until an experienced raider comes to join the fight, things then turn around for the better…..maybe


  1. Im just getting in to rust… can someone explain to me… why raid when you get wiped the next day?

  2. the look on that fucking horse from devastation LMAO

  3. omg i almost pissed my self ahahhahahahahhahahhaa what a group

  4. Should be renamed funniest rain …. I can't breath kmsl

  5. They say they are still trying to jump on top of a tool cabinet to this day

  6. What's the song playing when they jump at the tool cabinet?

  7. Trying to revive the days of the old alliance :/

  8. 5:43

  9. Why didn't they fucking take advantage of the calm in the night.

  10. I think you misspelled “How TO raid” in your title. Because I learned a lot from this video.

  11. The horse bit had me rolling for a half hour or so

  12. okay honestly when my friend said he was getting ready didn't buy a bunch of morons jumping on a tool cupboard I didn't believe himbut no I didn't know that it was true and I'm laughing my ass off at the sheer stupidity of this attempt to rain


  14. It's like Moe, Larry , Curly & Shemp's entire inbred family got together for a raid.

  15. that horse though!!! :') fs Vertigo you and your commentary making me literally LOL at 5am is gonna make me look like a nutter to my neighbours

  16. If only they thought about standing on top of someone than jumping lol

  17. Its like watching the Lemmings play Rust lol

  18. What do ya hear
    What do ya say
    I'm gonna watch a raid today

  19. You should call this the most funniest raid yet XD

  20. I still can't believe how long those guys try to jump on top of that cabinet. It's just amazing. Priceless.

  21. So you can't stand jump on a tool cupboard? Ok thanks

  22. Awesome stuff, too bad I missed all the early Vertz …

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