Rust - How 3 VETERANS Fight to SURVIVE (Movie) -

Rust – How 3 VETERANS Fight to SURVIVE (Movie)

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  1. Love the content I decided to subscribe

  2. on rust clash can you redeem the skins you win?

  3. ive always liked your vids and your style is different, but something that makes me sad is you spoil just a little bit too much in the intro. Imo i think a little more suspense would make it feel more like a (movie). Other than that love the content keep it coming!

  4. Every time max mentions gyro (heli) I got hungry cos I was thinking of 🥙

  5. Cant wait to watch your content is so good keep up the quality content.

  6. that roscoe kid sounds so young ! he must be in elementary school or not even in school yet .

  7. Love the movie! TomahawkRust is a small Rust Youtuber, and makes movies which are so good! Should check him out, would mean the world!

  8. a move. how nice, also on the way to 40k subs

  9. These hour long rust videos turn my software into hardware

  10. Sandy x the person you got raided by is a hacker got him banned not long ago, a sandy x

  11. The only thing I don't like about you're vids are the thumbnails such a great vid undercut by a basic thumbnail but overall love the content

  12. Song name 48:00? Always hear this song but i still dont know its name

  13. imagine not even showing the entire raid because you got clapped lmfao, entire video is excuses of why you are losing each fight
    3v3 as well lmfao, trashhhhhhhhhhhh

  14. how lucky were you two to be able to play with roscoe, wow.

  15. Those groups are cringe asf all because there little farm bot died

  16. To add onto the rule of the flank bases. You should also use different door skins or no door skin on said flank bases. Anyone who figures out your main base and was paying attention will likely assume any bases they find in the area with the same door skin is yours

  17. As always! Great content. Cant wait for the next one😍

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