RUST: HD TEST VIDEO - Rust Game-play ~ PvP ~ -

RUST: HD TEST VIDEO – Rust Game-play ~ PvP ~

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Hey All You Rusty Freaks!™ ~ Just a HD TEST video ~
Anyone who know what prev videos looked like and can tell if there is a difference, please let me know. Love you all!
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  1. Hey Paxus,
    Video quality is a lot crisper (as it should be for HD) but the audio was out of sync throughout the first clip. The second clip was fine though.

  2. i dunno guys, i don't see anything different… what the hell decides when it's gonna be a sharp image or when it's blurry? I just paused and waited and looking at the quickslots… it's all kinda blurry…
    one thing that MAY be better now is the movement might be smoother?

  3. i am leaving right now to take my PC into shop. Unfortunately they don't do set appointments and jobs, so i have to just drop it in and it's done, when it's done, which could be UP to 5 days 😥 Oh God how will I cope if i can't play Rust for 5 days?…

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