Rust - GAMEPLAY OVERVIEW & The Basics of Survival -

Rust – GAMEPLAY OVERVIEW & The Basics of Survival

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Griffin and Justin run you through the basics of survival in Rust, and then devolve into monstrous, senseless murderers. More from Polygon:


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  1. "like a horrifying version of the most dangerous game." because the original is well known as a heartwarming buddy comedy.

  2. "How 'bout we duel naked with just rocks for it" will be how i solve all my future conflicts from this point on

  3. Justin's shocked laughter is like music to my ears.

  4. Can we get more annotations on the video? I almost saw the videogame being played

  5. This was the week Griffin learned the word "predicated"

  6. I feel so bad about the guy with the shirt! He was sick, Griffin! And he sounded so friendly!

  7. Menacing that sick dude out of his shirt was a hell of a slippery slope.

  8. "I've never bullied someone in a video game before." the awakening

  9. 25:09 is having a really low charisma but rolling a nat 20 on an intimidation check

  10. God, remember when Rust had just came out. Ancient boys

  11. Idk how rust is nowadays but this is basically the same as 7 days to die, but 7 days is more developed with better graphics and mechanics.

  12. "I'm still barfing forever" – Griffin

  13. I’m like squealching so loud in my apartment right now, I have never seen this side of Griffin before now and I love it

  14. the beginning of this video has a very soft and chaotic energy

  15. I heard there are clans who target new players at the beach. But really raiding large clans are better survival strategy as once they are broke, all the time accumulating the stash is transferred to your loot. Keep on destroying clans is the key of winning as no design of base is safe from explosives.

  16. 23:05 Justin embracing his true calling as the little devil on Griffin's shoulder…

  17. the ending is marvelous. i m crying so hard

  18. Holy shit the assassination completion at the end was so fulfilling

  19. 'somebody that generous has gotta have more, right?' lmao i died

  20. "oh you're sick thatsnotgood CAN I HAVE YOUR SHIRT"

  21. The game looks so different right now, but the meta and the toxicity are a classic from day 1

  22. i cant believe griffin trying to commit murder over an item of clothing made me laugh for the first time in weeks

  23. "People are pretty mean on Rust. You get some real vile sunnuvabitches"
    First person encountered: gives useful items
    Second person encountered: bullied by bros for shirt

    I fucking love McElroys.

  24. the guy who was sick sounded so defeated when he gave up his shirt

  25. They can permaban you for cheating but not for hate speach??

  26. who knew griffin was so bloodthirsty under his good boy persona

  27. The pure resignation of “yeah sure” when griffin mugged the second guy like what’s your story man it sounds shitty

  28. "You guys rust is full of nothing but bullies."
    *Proceeds to meet only kind helpful people

    *bUlLiEs ThEM

  29. Been fans of theirs for years, but i just realized why seeing their name for the first time years ago bothered me. Had been hearing it pronounced as it is(MAC-ell-roy) then seeing it written as McElroy or (mik-ELL-roy). Something just didn't jibe when I saw it, but looked again and it wasn't spelled wrong so just moved on but it continued to bug me in the back of my mind lol.

  30. I swear every single time they say “Rust” I hear “Russ”

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