Rust: First Day Trailer -

Rust: First Day Trailer

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Here’s a taste of the danger and progression you’ll experience in the new game from the Garry’s Mod team.


  1. I needed to go back and relive this trailer…. I was not disappointed. I miss Legacy, it was the best

  2. ma man that feelin, gold times when my pc run the game with no problem

  3. I shouldve played longer then when it lasted 🙁

  4. This early version had something special, i never touched it again when the new version with upgraded engine came out.

  5. It's been four years since someone commented wow

  6. People can't be serious returning to That! :))
    Rust has come so far and still has a lot to do. Every game has the new players that just explore the game and roleplay then get used to the game and they tryhard it.
    Every single one, but i'd still won't go back to that unpolished game even if the people would be like that again 😀
    HDRP ftw btw*

  7. The game that got me into the pc world ❤️😢

  8. my first steam game. Remember putting hours and hours into this game and making new friends and enemies. Way better than the new loot and shoot rust. I'll start a server with the old rust just for the memories.

  9. This is How she start a legen Game😥

  10. Даже не думал что такая ахуенная игра была такой помойкой когда-то

  11. For everyone who wants to play this rust again on Google type Legion Rust and have fun! 🙂

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