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  1. Instead of glass floor use twig and place shotgun trap randomly so it will break if someone steps on it.

  2. wtf I just saw Enardos video about Squid Game on Rollblox

  3. Hi!! Can you make a video creating a base with loot in hidden boxes? The boxes you Hide when you have fear to loose due to Dangerous situations…..a secret big loot

  4. You have to understand that they are rust players. Having them play any game with a simple command or direction is impossible.

  5. You should of done a trap where its a long bridge of twig. under random sides is a shotgun trap. if u get what trap im referenecing

  6. Were certain people given medical syringes, or, why did some people just sit there healing?

  7. Should have made them wear flippers for the run back!

  8. Red light green light haha might as well be Simon says haha. He wasn’t opening the shutters 🤣

  9. Man, it would be really weird if someone did just red light, green light. Who would do that?

  10. Got a idea! You could have 2 teams that get equal amounts of wood, stone, metal, and etc to build a base on equal playing field a good distance from each other. Then both teams get sniper 8x, M24 8x, LR 8x, and launcher with rockets. They must either kill off the entire team that only get 1 respond or destroy the TC without leaving their base/ compound. Snipers kill LR/M24, LR/M24 kill rockets, rockets destroy base.

  11. The screams of 8 year olds was of hilarious

  12. Great work do some more content of this was funny and entertaining

  13. i feel like you get enough comments like these mate but i got some time, i really mean it when i say you are the best rust content creator and you are very fun and energetic to watch and i always tuned in for an oblivion video because you are the only person i can laugh at with your satirical humor and you are genuine. massive support and wish i wasnt a broke azz so i could afford your merch cause i'd buy the whole stock. prob too literal for just a youtuber but i really feel like being supportive

  14. I just clicked here to comment that squid game isn’t special.

  15. "Only 3 winners"
    Surprised none of them pulled out the ol rock and bashed in a head or two at the end of the first round 😮

  16. it was fun to watch for a few mins, but i kept waiting for the next section of the course . . . If this was 3 or 4 different courses it'd be awesome

  17. squid game really is popular huh, everwherei go i see it

  18. This was awesome. Need more Rust videos like this

  19. Not watching it cause it has squid game in the name shit show

  20. When your entire recommended is squidgame:

    Still great vid tho 👍

  21. omg you shameless twat. i mean great business decision, but on the other hand. UHHHHHGGGGGGGGGG SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT SQUID GAME ALREADY

  22. Flappz is clapped , how tf he mess up red light green light so much

  23. This type of content is your best for sure 👌

  24. This is a Unbelievable Build .Gold star for Oblivion

  25. Thank you sooooo much for this. Having a crap day but this really did make me laugh so much. Is there any chance you could do more of these please. I know it must take a while to set up but it was so worth it for us.

  26. Squid Game, but it's Australians trying to insult you racially

  27. you should have made them eat pickles and if they puke they die

  28. Lies unfortunatelly…. you only went to Oblivion 3x servers once AND BY MISTAKE e.e you literally said: Ops, wrong server. and left never to be seen again, no mods on your servers either and tons of ESP/Cheaters…. i love your server but lately the 3x ones have gone to oblivion e.e

  29. Hey Oblivion I would love if you could make a new video About a Trap base And you sell what you get from the trap base Love the vids man keep it up ❤

  30. Anyone eles remember the league of legend videos he use to do???

  31. I loved squid game it was such a great movie.

  32. Not like movie. So many were moving at red light and didn’t get shot

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