Rust - Early Access Review -

Rust – Early Access Review

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Shaun McInnis travels the wilderness in search of deer meat and companionship in this Rust video review.

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  1. Rust – Early Access Preview*. You can't really review a game if it's still in development, even if you pay for it. Otherwise you may as well review games without playing them from now on, just look at a picture and write 1 up.

  2. Do you guys not grasp the concept that people are spending money for access to this title?

    Of course people are going to review it because some people, by nature, try not to make blind purchases. The game might change exponentially within the next year, but this review is completely relevant for anyone looking to purchase this title now.

    It isn't that hard to understand and it doesn't even matter if he's "good" at the game or not, it's an opinion, a very well constructed one I might add.

    Stay in school guys.

  3. Why are people so angry about alphas being paid for and reviewed. Alphas being set up like this allow for games with good concepts from small developers to actually be brought to fruition.

  4. Yeah, they got rid of zombies in todays update.  I think theyll bring them back someday

  5. WTF they charge money for this ? :)) maybe in a few years of development

  6. This game is awesome and for only 18.99 euros its a bargain. I love these early access games as you can save money and get your hands on the game before its even finished. I can only recommend this game to everyone who like games like dayz and minecraft. Rust is still very much in developement but has already come a long way from when it was first released and it has huge potential. The latest patch improved performance alot (in my case around 1/3) and the game is very playable (60 fps most of the time). Developers, keep up the good work!

  7. I really think rust should have more animals, also I think that when someone dies, there should be vultures circling in the sky around the dead body.                      

  8. I think rust's biggest problem for me, is the fact that it's combat system is so shitty. People usually lag to the point where there damn phantoms and kill you. They also go through you, lag or no.

  9. 1:14 "watch out bro, im gonna shoot that pig for ya…if i can hit him" lmao 

  10. This game is not like minecraft at all lol it's much more like DayZ/ArmaII but with more complicated survival mechanics 

  11. Its a more realistic minecraft but i like the minecraft and dayz put together thing going on it looks like a great mix of DayZ and MineCraft

  12. Buy rust here: Grand Theft Auto V + Bonus (1.350.000$) Rockstar CD-KEY GLOBAL  
    U will get a great offer and help the children in afrika.

  13. This was actually such an amazing game when it was in legacy !

  14. Looks like it has some potential. I don't buy early access games, but this looks like a game worth following.

  15. Gamespot should make an updated review for the newer version

  16. im from the future and hell its an amazing game XD

  17. Gamespot, you're fucking garbage. You truly proof there is NO such thing as an "expert opinion".

  18. This video is why we have zergs and toxic players

  19. I come from 2019, this game is a Beauty, a masterpiece.

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