Rust Console News Patch 1 04, Skins Fixes AND MORE (Xbox & Playstation) -

Rust Console News Patch 1 04, Skins Fixes AND MORE (Xbox & Playstation)

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Today we’ve got some Rust console news for the Xbox & Playstation. This Rust console news comes STRAIGHT from D11 and covers Rust’s patch 1.04, a Rust console Skin release, plans to fix Rust console crashes, bugs, lag issues and bandit camp glitches and MUCH MORE! So tune in and learn about the latest and greatest stuff coming to Rust console in July. As always thank you so much for the support and have a great day!

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  1. Enjoying the shit out of the game but got no team, if anyone wants to play on PS let me know !!

  2. crashes wasnt personally my problem i could deal with that but not having much to do as in pois i wasnt impressed me and my buddy eventually opened our doors and took the locks off for some lucky person to have it

  3. Cereal I just want to tell you that I was at bandit gambling last night and I put 552 on 1. It landed on 1 and robbed me of my scrap.

  4. I'm absolutely ready for those beta skins to finally work, I've been in contact with pedro and they've been using beta accounts to test the skins so they function, as for a few players and myself have them, they show in the locker and repair bench, but they don't skin, it kinda sucks

    Hope they finish the edition skins too, The Elite metal chestplate and facemask is still debug pink and is the most fantastic texture bug ever!

    Writing this as i finish the third ice lake compound wall for my group, i love blueprints not getting wiped!

  5. They need single player servers. I've been raided twice buy 3 KIDS yelling WE RAID YOU WE RAID YOU game sux 😫

  6. I don’t get why the FPS is so bad. It’s not like rust is huge or has a lot going on other games from 15 years ago can run better, I don’t get it.

  7. Biggest problem lately is game freezing when crafting large amounts of gunpowder or ammo but mainly gunpowder I’m playing on a series x

  8. How is the game on Xbox one x right now?

  9. I can't understand the lag other people got I was lucky with my dog shit internet and didn't lag

  10. My profile is red my fav color is red u disappoint me

  11. i feel so bad for people who play on old gen consoles loll

  12. Too many players on a small map and raiding is too easy. Game is trash

  13. New map I got sucks ass😭I want the old one back

  14. Bro I Just Fixed My Settings And Feel Better Not After I Lost Everything On My Best Run Yesterday

  15. Mate my was fine before this last patch. I’m on the new x box and bro it’s now lagging big time when in fights and in monuments

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