Rust Console is Still Terrible -

Rust Console is Still Terrible

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Rust Console Edition still makes me want to just play on PC…



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  1. Close it! Haha – never played on console and probably won’t – fun to watch but seems too painful!

  2. The moon thing has been happening for the last week or so but compared to a few months ago it’s way better

  3. Memio welcome to hell where I come to see the moon dance and for the most cursed monuments and lose th worst battle

  4. Why do many of the rust youtubers come out with videos that are so similar, so close together? I think I've seen like 5 other rust youtubers come out with this SAME EXACT type of video in the last 24 hrs.

  5. Keep in.mind memio, we are dealing with less memory and set hardware spec while you can max things out.

    Its the age old PC can outperform consoles.

    Yes id like a PC to.enjoy a better version of.the game, but until then ill enjoy what I get on console. As ports go things have come a long way from the days of arcade games porting to 16bit systems.

  6. man this is worse than if they were to just port it over without any control adaptation

  7. well youre also just playing PS instead of xbox so-

  8. this game on console is SUCH a cash grab it's not even funny 😀

  9. N pvp is bad for anyone who’s bad on it at console 😭 I can say the same ab keyboard

  10. You can auto run to go into your inventory and map and you can free look

  11. Tommy controls the moon lol idk why

  12. Consoles are coming and finally passing away, but it's PC just still alive

  13. Is no one gonna talk about the moon that seems like a big issue

  14. Yo you can turn of the gestures I thinks it’s quick chat and turn on auto run to look in inventory while running


  16. i had to buy a pc cuz rust on console is so bad that gesture on right stick is horrible

  17. Bro next time at least raid those rats with the twig foundations come on.

  18. Ngl the moon is the best part of console rust

  19. You legit get offline raided by people who are on 10 hrs plus while you go work you 8 hr shift and shit on console no lie man I experience this every time now

  20. I'm glad to note, that if there is one motherfucker that is a bigger bot on console than me, it's Memo..

  21. I know man! But it's still rust best thing I'll get

  22. And people actually play this 24 hours a day lol

  23. Ohhhh- weaklings, eh? Haven’t ever had a Poor Wipe on Rust Console yet everyone is complaining. Pathetic. Stfu or git gud. Hoomans are stupid.

    Edit: Solo PS4 player btw. Screw yer Zerg complaints. Been harassing them for fun the past weeks and has been SO MUCH FUN!!!

    Edit2: Aye, he seemed an asshat with initial complaint. But am 1000% serious. Gotten used to the lag, and have only slaughtered every attempt to seize our base. Off or online. Fr. Why do people keep crying?

  24. Stimpee and memeio on rust console… just gunna put that out there.

  25. Dw, I play this shit every. Single. Day. On old gen even better, and I hate every second of it

  26. Please react, or play PS4/Xbox One console rust, you’ll realize how lucky you are to be on next generation LMAO

  27. Something I feel this game needs for the console edition is auto run, some aim assist because is hard to hit shots, put a little less recoil in some gun because is impossible to hit shots. I really think this will make the console edition way more enjoyable.

  28. I had to turn all the gestures and that off too annoying

  29. it’s actually not that bad it’s still not as good as it could be but there’s a lot worse games

  30. jus switching from pc rust to console rust is why it’s bad

  31. I play on a series X with 5g internet . It’s actually decent and very playable . It’s pretty terrible for old gen players not gonna lie. Cross play is dog water to, cuz PlayStation users always plug in m&k and just wreck controller players . Not balanced in the slightest . Your best bet for a good experience is get a new generation Xbox, and play on Xbox only servers .

  32. Im so glad you are bringing this up, the devs have fone nothing to improve the performance for last gen, its riduculous they even released it for last geb

  33. you can turn on streamer mode on console so it changes your name

  34. 🙃I thoroughly expect that everyone begin to refer to you now as…………. "Meemo". lol
    Kid: Meemo, Meemo, Meemo is that you Meemo? 🤣

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