Rust Console Edition (Xbox One X) 6 minutes of Gameplay -

Rust Console Edition (Xbox One X) 6 minutes of Gameplay

Double Eleven
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6 minutes of uncut Rust Console gameplay on the Xbox One.

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  1. i wonder what it will look like on xbox one s since that's what i have. cant wait!

  2. Is pc and console going to be playing on same servs if they are there kinda f%cked

  3. Am I the only one exited for this. I'm exited because I've been watching a lot of rust and I love it. And then there's people that say RusT IS GONNA HAVE bAd qUAlIty

  4. PC players sniffles puts up glasses wait till he uses a ak nigga stfu lmfao

  5. i was like how did some1 already get the game even tho its on preorder then i looked who the video was by and saw it was double eleven the makers of a awesome game

  6. I wanna get this on my PS4 but it looks a bit laggy

  7. the fucking hit marker it’s horrible need to fix the shit

  8. looks cool but the side sprints need to be taken out

  9. How is this even possible? I had to upgrade to 32GB of ram just to play Rust!

  10. Maybe you need to make a script so we can see it beter because this trailer/gameplay was not that great just a tip but I am still hype to play

  11. It’s terrible on PlayStation, hella buggy and you couldn’t even loot bodies without the game crashing, hoping this gets fixed

  12. Double eleven please make the death screen not flash red and instead have it fade to the respawn screen and remove the red overlay when you’re down it just looks bad and doesn’t help let you know when you’re down since it literally says it in the middle of the screen also make sure the group system is a thing and I beg motion blur is something we can turn off because it looks like ass

  13. Jesus fuckin Christ at least TRY to control your recoil

  14. Is this gonna be crossplay with other consoles?

  15. Here is 4 and a half minutes of shooting a tank 🙄

  16. I hope sign painting and notes will be in the finished version.

  17. so I'm guessing this game isn't gonna run on the og xbox one

  18. I didn’t have PS Plus so I never got to play the beta which absolutely sucked

  19. Holographic Looks Cruised But Games Looks Pretty Good

  20. Like hey double 11 I am so much so much excited to play this game can it be please fast can you please first up the release cos we are waiting so much on my PlayStation Plus 5 days is going to end please please this game radio everybody played very very fast I know you're working hard and people asking you a lot of question your tried to return them but la blah blah blah so much excited for this

  21. On console can you run forward and look back???(like on pc)

  22. This has to be on a private server. I just played the beta and it’s not playable. Every engagement I got into was just people teleporting everywhere and massive frame rate drop. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THIS VIDEO.

  23. Only problem is the gun sounds absolutely terrible

  24. So what is the point of this at all ? All running around shooting a army tank
    Looks canny boring

  25. What a stpid display of what Rust is about… this makes it look like a shitty battlefield… I thought they were going to raid a base. Can anyone confirm if you will be able to link items/skins from steam to the console edition?

  26. Man either this guys are so bad they are making the game look bad or the game is actually terrible

  27. Holy shit the pc players are so toxic, is it like that ingame aswell?

  28. You forgot to add the constant bluescreens and 5 second freezes

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