Rust Console Edition Review - The Final Verdict -

Rust Console Edition Review – The Final Verdict

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Rust Console Edition generally maintains its core tenants and starts its console life on the right foot in most areas.


  1. Better then the last review I saw. Guy bitched and griped about people killing him lol. He was definitely in the wrong genre on that review.

  2. Sadness we are almost in 2022 and there are still games like these , it looks like it was vomited

  3. Me and a friend bought it today. The game crashed when loading into any server for both of us. Me on PS5 him on PS4. Requested a refund. Dont buy it. This is worse than cyberpunk.

  4. it this a joke review ? Guy which has not gone over a rock making a review of game… He has not event build a base… Dont buy this game on console… Yes it fun to play but number of glitches and bug is not handful, there is plenty of them… blue screens every where, lag every where… kickout of servers… that the main issues with a game… I guess GamingBolt havent found them as he dont even move from spawn point…

  5. I don’t think this guy has played rust on pc if pc was part of cross play it would kill the Xbox and PlayStation community instantly

  6. thank god it ain’t cross play to pc. could you imagine how many times we’d die nd how fast ?? 😂

  7. Final verdict. The game has only been on console for a coupes weeks. Give it some time

  8. Compared to pc this looks like it's running in slow motion.

  9. He said its not about the combat but about the sandbox experience ._.

  10. I can't wait for my paycheck on Sunday lmao, first thing I'm going to buy

  11. Imagine paying $50 for an unfinished game that doesn’t have 80% of the content PC has, on top of the game still looking & playing like it’s 2013. What a bunch of scam artists lmao shame on anyone who pays more for this should be free to play game lmao.

  12. Been watching rust vids for do long but am a console player so was annoyed I couldnt try it. Bought it on steam but couldnt play as my computer wasnt good enough and neither was I. Dont know wherlter to buy it because I have a feeling its gonna be filled with sweats and wont be enjoyable. Is it like ark where you have no chance of starting solo unless you're a God and do you get raided first day?

  13. I keep having a problem on xbox where my game doesnt load and it crashes, when im in a match i get kicked half the time and also voice chat is really delayed so i cant really to others. Anyone know and fixes to this ?

  14. Game is so bad on console especially ps4 dont waste you’re money

  15. I've just bought the PS4 version after playing Rust since it's launch on PC. Dude, NOOB CITY!!
    It's too easy. You can literally lurk nearby someone farming and grinding away, hiding in bushes and such. Then once you've decided they have farmed what you need.. Pop an arrow or 2 in em or hit em with a DB and yoink they 💩. Lolz
    But have fun while you can. The try-hardz will eventually git gud.

  16. I just bought this game and I feel really ripped off. It is terrible.

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