Rust Console Edition - Out May 21st Pre-Order Now! | ESRB -

Rust Console Edition – Out May 21st Pre-Order Now! | ESRB

Double Eleven
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Pre-orders are now live for Rust Console Edition. Check the marketplace and be sure to get your copy of the game! Visit our website for more information:

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  1. Oh damn you nerds are up for a treat, enjoy the door camping and toxic slurs 24/7.

  2. …where everyone begins, as a naked on the beach.

  3. hell yea i can get door camped by a kid that has 1000 hours on cod

  4. What's so cool about killing people with a rock while naked? Survival games are dead already… and paying $60 for a mod? no thx…

  5. All fun and games till the xim gamer comes along ….

  6. Heads up I beta tested this on ps4 and the game actually broke my remotes and I'm 100% on this cause I got it on video of me buying new remote and the game broke it 🤣🤬 heads up 🙂

  7. So will console edition be up to date w the same content and updates as pc?

  8. imagine trying to control ak spray on controller with 30 fps lol have fun console plebs, you'll need it!

  9. Can Somebody Tell me If it has Crossplay plleeeeaaaassseee

  10. Will you be able to use keyboard and mouse on xbox if not please consider it… you could do the same thing like Dayz were you can allow if you want keyboard and mouseplayers on your server or disallow them

  11. Ima go through 3 controllers in the first month trying to control ak spray

  12. Ah yes I saw on PlayStation store bought the most expensive pack and I’m ready to be toxic amoung the rust community as everyone else is.

  13. I bought ultimate edition how do I get my extra stuff??????

  14. I'm happy they did go with crossplay between consoles. In certain regions you'd be screwed by having an Xbox otherwise if you want to play online at certain hours ;p

  15. Welp now they can make jokes of controller player when they get aimboted by a hacker

  16. Watching videos about this game has been soo much fun and to finally be able to experience it will be even better, even with these toxic people who use rifles to kill nakeds with rocks.

  17. Do not buy this game and refund immediately. Company is being mischievous and misleading. Turning into another pc port failure.

  18. We get to experience mw2 lobbies all over again on ps5 finally 🙂

  19. 5 smoke grenades and 3 double barrels is going to be the meta

  20. When the flip is beta for preorders coming out? It said early April, it’s over half of it by now (19th)

  21. The game did not run like that for me on ps4 slim

  22. Racial slurs and swastikas coming to console 2021.

  23. The beta unstable asf yet fun asf can’t wait to play solo servers 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  24. Fix the ps5 blue screen it's not playable at all. Why not fix first what is broken then do all these video stuff.


  26. anyone know the song/artist in this trailer?

  27. when i see cinematics without dof 😑

  28. dude the screenshot on there page are from pc lol fucking scammers

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