Rust: Console Edition - Official Reveal Trailer -

Rust: Console Edition – Official Reveal Trailer

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Competitive survival game Rust will at last launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this spring, following a closed beta.

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  1. Сразу видно что спрей контролить не риально

  2. Bought it, it was fun for 5 minutes, got old after dying 10 times, Mario has got this beat.

  3. Those graphics arent the same on the test server … the game looks like a downgrade

  4. If your hoping it’s caught up with the current game, it’s not, it’s the game from 2018. The video is a lie

  5. The people who disliked this are the people who got betrayed in rust…

  6. Actually don't like this game, thought it would be cool but naw.

  7. Ark servers boutta shut down now

  8. Right off the get-go we see the only gun that will be used on Console edition…

  9. They for real only made a Console edition cause the game got popular on Twitch.

  10. Pc players are annoying
    Let me be , I’m enjoying my console.

  11. Waiting 2 whole year for this but knowing my luck it won't start off well

  12. Just looked at preorder deluxe edition comes with "rust coins" yay 🤣

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