Rust Console Edition Gameplay Trailer -

Rust Console Edition Gameplay Trailer

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Explore, fight and survive in a harsh open world! Team up with friends and make new enemies in a constant battle to stay alive. Build your empire, protect your loot and trust no-one in Rust Console Edition, coming Spring 2021!

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  1. Los que juegue rust en xbox one agreguen IP Daniel648780

  2. Has anyone been able to Game share Rust on xbox?

  3. Why undressed nudity realism option censored on console ?

  4. When you thought it couldn't get any more toxic

  5. They somehow made the current beta worse than what this trailer looks like

  6. Para 3ste juego pueden dejar el online libre tmb porfa 🙏 🙌

  7. Ever see the difference between the pc and Xbox version?

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