Rust Console - CHEATERS STOPPED? // Update 1.05 Patch Notes -

Rust Console – CHEATERS STOPPED? // Update 1.05 Patch Notes

The Beard Guys
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Rust Console Patch 1.05 is available NOW! We run through the patch notes for the Update 1.05 for Rust PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X!
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Patch notes:

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  1. tried the game again and there's still invisible player's with aimbot and esp they can fly , breath underwater, lags all the time … just had a solo that seemed literally invincible full metal out the water at iceberg took out 6 man team no excuse for this they simply don't care everyone just says get good like there's even a chance

  2. I just don't understand why everyone I come across is running macros? There's at least 3 brands of modded controllers on fkn back order because these kids are so obsessed with spraying like a Chad instead of trying to actually be better at the game…You can't tell me that you legit hit every shot but you don't know that shooting me 10 feet from the safe zone is a bad idea…I mean, c'mon..

  3. I’ve been seeing really weird shit. Just got killed by a automatic crossbow -_-

  4. Never got the 5 second lag delay, since all fixes I now have this issue after it’s been fixed ? Fuxk rust

  5. This update sounds awesome can’t wait to play double11 are doing a amazing job with these updates.

  6. Literally woke up an hour ago got an update without realising and I just hopped on

  7. A little heads up would be nice so I’m not at sewer recycling with a full inventory

  8. OK what the hell is going on? When I logged out last night I had a TC level one crafting bench my teeth he had 12 days worth of supplies over 3000 in stone I mean M💯m metal Frags 100 High quality metal all kinds of stuff now I Woke up from sleep in my base my TC is missing my crafting bench is missing and someone change the code on my door lock so now I’m locked inside my base and if I kill and respond I lose all the shit that is in my boxes and everything in my face because I can’t get back inside

  9. I don’t understand it’s like if somebody magically came into my base took my teeth he took my crafting table and change the code to the lock to be funny what the hell is going on

  10. We had people on our server scouting bases. One guy had a base under bandit camp without turrets that would shoot you. He took heli every day as well

  11. So now when placing a roof the wall will no long look clean you will see what I mean my base now looks ugly thanks 1111

  12. How long will it take them to fix the frame drops on last gen? Fuck d11 for not fixing the real game breaking problems.

  13. Good bug fixes in there. Still have invisible players though! LOL

  14. Much better video this time my guy. Straight to the info 🤘

  15. There will be zero content update before we all die

  16. Still they have not evem mentioned the chainsaw bug that crashes you

  17. I love that they are fixing stuff for others but as a ps5 player who doesn’t experience any of these bugs or crashes it sucks that they aren’t putting more stuff like maybe like a tech tree just somethinggg

  18. they broke splitting inventory items when it was not broke to begin with..

  19. Any word on when there will be another performace update ?quit rust today because its actually unplayable if you plan on shooting anything .or wacking anything. Or just pulling up to a large structure,use a jackhammer,get into boxes and your tc,etc etc…

  20. bro w flippin deer got into bandit camp and hid so no turrets could shoot him and theve been shooting at the deer all day the second you hit it the turrets kill u

  21. Bro u can pick up a workbench and place it where tc is so ppl cant get to it xD

  22. I don't mind unannounced patches. Just fix it as fast as you can and do it the right way. So while I say "fast", that means making them count. Please D11 give us community servers ASAP. We know the state of the game and we still play it, but you would likely have double the players online as you do now if you did.

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