Rust, But you get $1.00 for every tree you farm (Real Money) -

Rust, But you get $1.00 for every tree you farm (Real Money)

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Rust, But you get $1.00 for every tree you farm (Real Money)

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  1. Wow never seen this kinda content. Sub from me, keep it up man.

  2. FancyOrb is the MrBeast of rust. Love the content man keep it up!


  4. Clan farmbots after this video 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💸💸💸💸💸💸

  5. Fancy is fr coming in clutch with these skins. Best creator out there keep up the good work man!!

  6. I fell like this actually is better than most of Mr. Beast gaming videos of late. Something about funny challenges and then being worth just a fun amount of money people can win while playing. Unlike Mr. Beast giving over a 100 people mostly nothing or 10,000. Nice job FancyOrb big fan lately and new subscriber because of it keep it up.

  7. The tree guy was not hitting the x.. Like dude, why

  8. This is so cool! Some of these games would be really fun to add into the next dark horse project server

  9. if i was here, i dont needed to work IRL anymore xD

  10. hey fancy ithey man its frostbite here i am sincerely sorry for my action and i know there is no possible way to get unbanned since i cant talk to you ill message you ur a good youtuber and i enjoy the content keep up the good work and have fun

  11. This is literally mr beast gaming videos. He gives someone a challenger and they make money evetime they do a tedious task, and then they leave and comeback at the end of the video. Bruh

  12. Yeh I tried the server as soon as I logged in i got shot by someone with an LR. Alot of people camping spawn area for new people and killing them so they dont play on it

  13. The floor challenge guy was hoping his competition would go full greed lol

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