Rust But There's No Building Stability -

Rust But There’s No Building Stability

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Rust But There’s No Building Stability…
In this video Konfuzion plays NO BUILDING STABILITY RUST, it’s actually insane what kind of stuff you can build without any restrictions. You can build some really fun stuff as well which make this experience really great.

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This is nothing like rust console. what is rust you may ask, the rust game is a game that has never been seen before by anyone. Rust xbox is now out, although earlier this month there were rust drops. The rust ps4 however is out right now.

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  1. wow how did you come up with this video idea

  2. Your laugh when the they came in the squad heli is my favourite😂

  3. We had to make a tactical move with the chinook helicopter LOL

  4. This is awesome. Needs to be a server like this. I would love to live in the sky

  5. How do you get a private server like this on ps4 please respond

  6. Does this mean I could build a farm in the sky? 🤔

  7. Hey Konfuzion just wanted to say be careful about gambling sponsor since idk if you’re above the age of 18 or 21 (depending on state). Don’t want trouble to find you. Anyways loved the video

  8. Can’t wait for a no satbability server 😂😂

  9. You built the whole base and bro did nothing

  10. My man really wants to shit but he held it in. What a legend

  11. The jokes might be an issue for you in the future, just sayin 🙂

    You have the talent to do it big.

  12. This will attract alot of fartnite players lol

  13. This was just the best, one keyboard down to coffee spray :')

  14. I hope this video gets demonetize, have some respect for the LGBTQIA community. I am a straight man myself but I have common courtesy for all people.

  15. 4 rockets in the bottom of the base on the stone foundation and you fall 😂

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