rust but it's actually good -

rust but it’s actually good

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Today I played rust hardore mode. In this mocde i can’t use maps workbenches nor can I use team system. Server was North American.
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  1. RustAcademy makes more money than zprotz! lol!

    RustAcademy > zprotz 😬😬😬

  2. Try making a horse shit farm and sell fertiliser at bandit. I did this last week and made a box of scrap in a day and spent it all crashing scrap helis on zergs. Playing rust differently is really the only way to enjoy the game anymore

  3. I miss this type of Rust. No safe zones, more exciting when you discover something, ghosting F1K and dot clan for boxes of rockets before it was meta, taking real life days to get level 3 and rockets blueprinted, and so many more.


  5. they need this as an official game type where they just strip back some of the QoL stuff they've added over the years, just like how they have noob servers they need veteran servers

  6. No team system?? Its been years since I've been able to play this type of brutal, unforgiving Rust. I have to try this!!

  7. Always wondered if all rust players just play with the worst specs cause everyone I know doesn't even have a GPU newer than 2016, so what do you have? If you don't mind

  8. Woah, what bind do you have to drop your current item/first in the row?

  9. I feel like normal rust would be more fun if more people actually used the tier 3 gear they get. I cant even count the times I've seen people who roam with hide+sar and then roofcamp with full metal ak/bolt.

    It's so easy to get to tier 3 yet the vast majority of people have an insane gear fear and downgrade their kit whenever they go out. Plus it's fucking insane how few online raids there are when it's easier than ever to get sulfur (jackhammer+ore tea+snow=inventory of sulfur easily, hell even just a jackhammer in the snow) and even with how easy it is people still wait until 6am to offline raid. It's just sad and it's ruining the game.

    There is NOTHING worse in rust than getting offline raided, whether it's weekly, biweekly or monthly wipe servers, modded or vanilla. It's the reason I only play 5x's now, just to pvp and do some online raids (because apparently people only online raid when they have hundreds of rockets stored)

    When I can get, and roam with tier 3 first day on vanilla in a quad, yet there are 8 mans grubbing out of their fully built compound on day 2-4…what's even the point of playing?

  10. ummm rust hardcore? more like old rust when it was fun

  11. Can u not put that eye shit next time fkn annoying

  12. Play some tarkov or dayz if you want more of a hardcore game with no maps, team system etc.

  13. So you’re telling me you hit 5 m92 shots in a row at a distance further than 2 metres? Didn’t know this was possible…

  14. Its simple. They have to remove the Techtree and the Drones. So people actually have to leave their base again. After that slightly tweak the Textures and bring back the Rock Formations and slightly denser Forest so the Playerbase won´t die. The Game is already dead. There are nearly no Vanilla Servers with q on Saturday anymore beside Rustoria. 12 Month back there was like 5 "Big" Server provider (Reddit,Rustopia,moose,rustralasia,rustafied and so on) and that was before offline Tv hype. The few full Servers are packed with clans and all they do is sit in base and do the PVE stuff like bradley and rig all day long building 10 Towers near the Monuments and camping it with Numbers. Its sad but the good Rust is already gone. With the Playerbase dieng really fast atm the have to reverse something or that will be gone 2.

  15. ahh man ur just too good man, so good you just have to play hardcore

  16. 8:46 How did you see there were dead bodies there? It was literally behind a rock

  17. This is just the old school rust experience with extras.
    Old school was even more difficult than this cuz it had less stuff in the game.

  18. Now just make the M92 the pocket M249 and we got OG rust!!

  19. You could also try the Lazarus Project. It'll definitely be a worthy challenge.

  20. It was magical to find players, new places, and terrifying when you heard downed screaming players back then, now it's just this…

  21. Me with almost 1k hrs and still having troubles to get to tier 2 guns😞

  22. That eye tracker was dope man. Thanks for the vid

  23. I miss running back to your base like your life depended on it just to research table your first gun of the wipe.

  24. happy to see you improve with your editing 🙂

  25. rust really should get rid of the map. I feel like exploration would be a lot more fun that way.

  26. The games not good anymore because everyone is a fucking hacker and before anyone trys saying I'm just bad I have 5k hours been playing for like 4 years and the game just lost it's touch for me I can't play the game anymore because of clans 2 out of 10 will be scripting/hacking and not telling there team or if the team knows all of them are hacking and I blame this on twitch the games just not the same and I agree that things should change but it changed for the worse it almost makes me emotional thinking about the fun I had years ago and how I can't even loa into a server for 2 seconds without wanting to alt F4 clans hackers toxic people have ruined the heart that used to be beating for this game now a days the heart has palpitations and heart ace I could go on forever about the love I had for the game but I think you all get the point it's just not fun and I feel like a lot of people like me feel this way the servers that used to be max pop on wipe and the same people coming back every wipe are now dying the game in general for vets is non existent unless you rely on this game to pay your bills it's not that you want to play it's the fact that you have to to maintain your image as a rust content creator idk if I'm the only one please let me know what your take on this is sorry for the paragraph on the heart ace I feel

  27. sry but this has nothing to do with solo playing. you still play easy mode… started as solo and then joined a zerg^^… i just can guess that you didnt manage to get any content as a solo because it was hard. yeah, doing solo vids is also harder to do groupvids. maybe im wrong, who cares

  28. I wanna see a hardcore kind of mode where you can't craft guns you can only repair them and don't need BP to repair, the only place you find guns is monuments crates killing and bradley/heli..only weapons you can craft are bow spears and bone knives

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