Rust, but I get RANDOM ITEMS from just FARMING -

Rust, but I get RANDOM ITEMS from just FARMING

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Rust, but I get RANDOM ITEMS from just FARMING. Today FancyOrb, Sebbyk, and Brit team up to farm random items in rust. It was a fun challenge, thanks for joining boys!

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Thanks to @SebbyK and @Brit for joining me today!


  1. I love these vids but can you maybe think about odd man out vids again but super long vids but Ik it finna be hard to do no pressure

  2. You should make a random farming server for rust console when custom service come out

  3. have blooprint as one of your next partners and have stevie they are chads

  4. You should keep the scrap and buy sheet metal to get 100 metal fragmen and 1 high quality metal

  5. You make amazing content but I’d watch 30 minutes of you and your companions just shooting the shit. Love the videos, no hate. Keep it up!

  6. You should do a battle royal style on a server like this. 10 teams of 3-5 players. But restrict it so 1-2 players a team aren't allowed to farm (honesty gambit). Winning team gets idk. The right to gloat over the other teams for a week

  7. The contents amazing, just wish they were longer.

  8. when it’s the first video on your page (YES ANOTHER ONE)

  9. Tier threes and m249s are super easy to get on the random farming server eg almost every base has a box of just m259s and tier 3s

  10. Not to be mean but i think ur starting to milk this series

  11. Use heavy plate armor and bandit camp armor combo

  12. dude you baned me from your server for being afk my user name is bob i was just afk why dude can you pls un ban me pls pls pls

  13. Yo get the creator of rust to make a tournament for huge rust content creators this would be an awesome donation tournament

  14. I think if you add spoon your sever will be leaked😂

  15. Need to see a video like this with like 10 teams and a longer grace period. Could end up being an epic war.

  16. Fancy Orb: I need new ideas that are different.

    How about another random farming but change up one small thing

    Fancy Orb: How creative and unique!

  17. Aye my three favorite rust players dope!

  18. You gotta do more vids with the spoon 🤔🤔

  19. Love these vids fancy! Don’t stop these videos are always so entertaining and awesome to watch!

  20. Couldn’t u just use chainsaw and get a shit ton of things

  21. dude love you, amazing world. Btw. i came here from memeio ;D

  22. bro all you do is post the same video every day its just RaNdOm FaRmInG

  23. i wanted spoonkid ); please next time ask spoonkid if he can join if its okay with u fancy

  24. Bruh I get called Sebby as a nickname form my friends and I here of SebbyK 🤣 🤣 🤣

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