RUST - Against the odds -

RUST – Against the odds

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10k Sub special. This is my first ever long story type video so go easy on me :), i plan to make more in the future. This was from a couple of weeks ago when i played with Ser Winter and Drog.

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  1. The moment we have all been waiting for! Thanks Omni Daddy

  2. Finna ly a vid longer than 2min😂😂

  3. thank you for the longer video , it doesnt need to be like a story or sum , you can do whatever but what i ask for is longer videos <3

  4. Could you pls make a video about the base you used?

  5. Great video, play solo next time as you keep having to pick up your teamates

  6. Great video just need to show more progress. Going from hatchet to mp5 didn’t make any sense. But keep on grinding!

  7. Your brightness/contrast makes the colors in the game pop more, did you tweak them somehow? looks better imo

  8. Yooo the ending was soooo good!
    Drog went back to UKN XD these story telling about the rust characters in the end was unique please keep using it

  9. yessssss bro I was hella excited to see something longer than 2 mins, keep up the great work dude love the vids

  10. Good vid as always, but could you upload a video about your graphics settings?

  11. His music choice: Slaps
    His spray: Slaps!
    His content: SLAPS

    Loved it dude!
    Hooked me right in, to the point of watching it instead of working hahaha

    Ya love to see it 💛🧡

  12. Have a feeling you’re going to be a big channel one day, keep up the great work Omni!

  13. Vids are 🔥 keep it up man, also I ran into u a couple times on au long lmao

  14. this made me more excited and happier then my missus ever could!! loved the vid man keep them coming seeya at 100k subs 😛

  15. Holy shit i can enjoy omni’s content more than 30 seconds now

  16. Plz tell me how you get ur game to look like that

  17. Mayve include some content between prim bow and full kit mp5 with building peaks other then that love the vid

  18. oh how I've waited, for this guy to drop a video longer than 2 minutes
    major absolute Fn banger icl

  19. Finally, fkn hell mate
    Been waiting so long, now I can finally subscribe

  20. Finally taken the plunge mate… Road to 100k now 🙂

  21. Was excited to see something longer then a minute and a half lol not hating and enjoy ur short vids but it’s nice to watch a full 20-60 minute rust vid. Would love to keep watching and seeing u grow

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