Rust: AdvertNoob (Video game parody commercial) -

Rust: AdvertNoob (Video game parody commercial)

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Life is busy and noisy. Play Rust on a quiet server and you’ll find all the calm and relaxation you’ll ever need. But, if you want to go on a populated server no matter how much of a bad time you’ll have, please watch a survival guide from our friend, BanditoGaming, first. He has some sweet weapon guides, not only on Rust, but also Battlefield and Killzone.


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  1. Awesome vid! Best part was the ending  thou ^^

  2. lol !! is this a submission for the next icon ?

  3. very nice , keep doing this 
    u guys r doing a great job !

  4. awesome work guys i think this was the most enjoyable one yet!
    keep it up!

  5. Ha, nice.  Even got Bandito Gaming involved!  Classic.

  6. Haha love this you guys are one of my favorite channels thanks to twitch (whiteboy1132 from twitch)

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