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I did some more admin trolling the last day of the BP wipe. I do some trolling of players and then offer them some items and inform them of the BP wipe before it wipes. I hope you guys enjoy the video

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  1. I feel like the audience has many kids who dont need the crop trimmer lmao

  2. Hey camomo I recently got perm banned and idk why like ingenuity don’t know why but I did a appeal ban and it says that I had a 3rd party tool or whatever could u tell me what a 3rd party tool is I wanna delete it or what ever I have and get to playing rust again

  3. 10:35 fun fact boars can't be horrible people for they are boar's.

  4. Glad you can have fun playing rust as we all die too cheaters

  5. Someone needs to make a plug plugin where the admin can drop the cargo ship bow first onto Someone and it just slowly decends into the terrain taking the person with it.

  6. when you spawn behind someone, is the best lol

  7. That video was fantastic! Combat the toxic crap with good old humour and a good time! Keep up the great work!

  8. Started watching your videos
    after a unfortunate event, after my gaming pc died I had to take a long break from rust, a few days ago my roommate let me play on his pc, when I logged into steam my account name was changed (good indicator my steam was hacked) so I changed my password put 2 step on all good, once I logged into rust low and behold I have a vac ban, I was crushed so much time spent on the game and now I can't play anymore 😢

  9. You have talked about the fact you don’t want to interrupt or ruin someone’s game experience when you’re hunting cheaters. This seems like the Opposite. 👎

  10. Американцы не умеют дома строить ! )

  11. Beautiful ending…. I can't believe he pressed it… oldest trick in the book! LMAO

  12. I woke up having a pretty bad morning and within the first 4 minutes I was laughing my ass off thank you camomo

  13. Hey camomo i have a question about how to best get rid of cheaters! Is there nothing you can do about them being on console? Theres a team of 5 that have made the server aids. Thanks in advance!

  14. Scripted!!! No way you found 2 women on one server in rust…. LOL

  15. He's gonna have to change his animated character to himself with an eye patch. 😂🤣

  16. Just a random Alien with modern internet access says:

    My mans loves his wieners. Bet he LOVES cheese dogs to

  17. if u need a sponsor that wants u to wash ur D you know u have a problem

  18. How tf does everyone e not kill u instantly when u become visible lol. What server was this

  19. That mum moment was so wholesome. Thanks for bringing me a daily dose of smiles.

  20. You should get a foam for that mic for those sexy puffs

  21. Bro is there anyway you could put like a drink on the map that players could drink and it would either put a rocket up their ass or it'll make a shark eat them

  22. That guy you scared the shitt out of was hilarious!😂🤣 I'm dead laughing man 🤣😂

  23. Don't for get to use code comomo at manscape lol

  24. This was so awsome please do another one day .

  25. @Camomo_10. Please do more videos involving the chinook helicopter. Or even perhaps something like fast toggling invisibility like a strobe while you are interacting with other players. So they perceive it as a glitch of lag. You would appear to seemingly teleport very short distances. Or in the least appears to pop in and out of existence. Would be funny to see. Especially if done during an all out raid or battle.

  26. You should let people make wishes but they should be careful what they wish for if you get what im sayin

  27. Breaks door with the Jackhammer LMAO
    Duuuuude his mom plays rust. That's actually dope

  28. “Leave her alone ya dirty bastard” had me cryin 😂


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