Rust - A solo's RAPID start to END GAME -

Rust – A solo’s RAPID start to END GAME

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Today im back with another Rust solo video

Music in the video :
Caps ctrl :
Rûde :


  1. 16:55 "So i went to trainyard." Uhh….Thats not what its called, right?

  2. Subbed. Just started my own Rust console channel. 🙂

  3. Lmao "friendly friendly" 4 people start shooting

  4. hahahha bra video vi som roofcampa dig på twig roof xD

  5. Hit him with the flamethrower lol great video bro… 20k on the way. Stay safe and cheers.

  6. you face mask broke with the shot and u got 100% of the damage

  7. Just came across your channel and awesome vids! How many hours do u have?

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