Rust - A solo's RAPID start to END GAME -

Rust – A solo’s RAPID start to END GAME

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Today im back with another Rust solo video

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  1. I found your channel today morning in my youtube recommendation. subscribed and liked 🙂 Your voice is similar like cnd btw xD

  2. Great vid,i love watching all the small Swedish youtubers. IOK, yip, you, ownrocker 😁

  3. You should have checked combat log, to see what weapon hit you and from what range maybe it was 2

  4. Torturing The Community Again Lol Love It 👍

  5. Insane vid thanks for giving us hope for solo 🙂

  6. Ayo Please show your graphical settings in another video

  7. You died from one Bullet because you were Starving, it makes you have less ''power or smth'' so you died from one Bullet. Nice Video. Keep Going

  8. You make me ”your channel name” everytime you post

  9. First video I’ve seen by you, I was in this wipe. Don’t think we ever interacted, I was top left and just ran oils pretty often.

  10. 36:50 when you were at your base depositing stuff you can see your helmet is low HP so maybe when you got headshotted by bulti your helmet was broken so you had no head protection

  11. Another amazing video. You just keep getting better and better. Can't wait for the next one!!

  12. Ur underrated love ur videos man keep going you’ll get there

  13. Seeing that python on the roof wants to make me scream at the video

  14. Been here since 5k. Shoutout to the recommended tab 💯💯 the content is better and better every video bro.

  15. Just came across your channel and awesome vids! How many hours do u have?

  16. you face mask broke with the shot and u got 100% of the damage

  17. Hit him with the flamethrower lol great video bro… 20k on the way. Stay safe and cheers.

  18. hahahha bra video vi som roofcampa dig på twig roof xD

  19. Lmao "friendly friendly" 4 people start shooting

  20. Subbed. Just started my own Rust console channel. 🙂

  21. 16:55 "So i went to trainyard." Uhh….Thats not what its called, right?

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