Rust - A Chad, His Dad, and a Farmer -

Rust – A Chad, His Dad, and a Farmer

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The highly requested return of Penske AND my Dad in ONE video. Our one and only goal in this video was to re-create Lighthouse Farms, but other challenges arose along the way. Enjoy an interesting story, tons of funny moments, and a surprising amount of clutch plays – even from Penske!


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Face The Music (Meet Penske):
A Chad and His Dad (Meet Papaprint):

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♫Music – By Order of Appearance♫
1. Earth (Light It Up) (Instrumental Version) – Xavy Rusan

2. Before Chill – Yomoti

3. Leaves – [ocean jams]

4. All Parts Equal – Airae

5. Blue Lantern – Yi Nantiro

6. Water Lily – jobii

7. Bird Watching – Justnormal

8. More Coffee – Ealot

9. Everything’s Better With You – Sarah, the Illstrumentalist

10. We Will Not Yield – Bonnie Grace

11. Lilacs – [ocean jams]

12. Needle in a Haystack – Trailer Worx

13. Restless Minds – Yomoti

14. Atlas – Ballpoint

15. Pins And Needles 1 – Johannes Bornlöf

16. R&R – Blue Steel

17. Different Ways – Merlean

18. Highland Hymn – Bonnie Grace

19. Nalen – Harvio

20. Satta Coast – [ocean jams]

21. Double Heist – Jon Sumner

22. A Celtic Blessing – Bonnie Grace

23. Never Need a Reason – Guy Trevino and Friends

24. Holstein – Jobii

25. Backfire – Jon Sumner

26. Notes – Dylan Sitts

27. Pandora – The New Fools

28. Let It All Go – Rospigg

29. The Juggler – Ch@ntarelle

30. A Minute Too Early – Arc De Soleil

Outro Song ⇨ chryst – 1k

All background music is provided by Epidemic Sound ⇨
0:00 Meet The Team
2:42 Day One
28:45 Blooprint SAR Announcement
29:55 Day One
35:48 Day Two
1:04:33 The End


  1. Cant wait for the episode when blueprints kid carries him xD

  2. "im penski farms owner of light house farms" my brain went places and i regret nothing

  3. “Yaaay elevator 🎉…. They left it 😅”

  4. Lol watching this high, I really appreciate your dads THCYY joke.

  5. Jesus Christ Penske packin for a campin trip or what? Dood farmers man… they give out the best content imaginable

    Edit: Lets make a petition for Penske to be part of the people Bloo duos with… regularly

  6. Penske is having so much genuine fun its so refreshing

  7. Two words: wholesome and Humble. This is a pairing you can sit down an enjoy the entire video without feeling or wanting to skip any part of it because you could miss just something that brings a smile or happinesses. It’s been a long time since I’ve sat through an entire video and not scrubbed atleast 5 mins total somewhere of the video. The whole squad was nothing short of greatness.

  8. I rlly enjoy Penske. Can we see more of him please

  9. This has to be the most wholesome rust video

  10. Loving this I’ve never seen a truly amazing rust channel this is perfect

  11. I am thoroughly impressed by the hot air balloon Navy Seals. That could have been such a goated play.

  12. Someone should modify the blooprint SAR into an airsoft gun.

  13. Definitely Not a cop. like 100% sure says:

    we need a penske wipe story time video once a month.

  14. 58:40 lmao he is have 4 stack of ammo

  15. I've just started watching recently and your dad is so cool dude. You need to keep making more Chad and dad vids

  16. What a chad letting him storytell

  17. Bro u should play with welyn and ur dad and penski

  18. no Penske's farm they have no life bro

  19. Penske makes me smile so hard man, he's full of joy and positivity

  20. I still feel like his dad and Penske will be great friends and bloo is like the solo that just lives off them and gives only guns for rent

  21. Best video in youtube of Rust. Please more vids like this. AWESOME. Team up with yr dad more.

  22. " Dude wtf is wrong with you? You don't sneak up on people in the dark like this. scared the piss out of me. Yeah how I go back to fishing, Fuck off" Instantly became a Bloo Dad fan. XD

  23. "Well the servers I play on it's always THC-YY" – Bloos Legend of a Dad

  24. Farmer: Is that to much?

  25. legit just watching LOTR the weekend that I'm watching this video

  26. Pensky … four sacks of ammo … second kit …. Arrmegedon is near

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