Rust - 5 Loot Rooms to Buff Your Rust Base Design -

Rust – 5 Loot Rooms to Buff Your Rust Base Design

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Hey guys. Every good rust base design has good loot rooms. Every rust base design needs different loot rooms depending on the situation. Different loot rooms will be good in different areas of the base. Today I’ll bring you 5 different loot rooms that can be utilized in each area of the base. I hope you enjoy. Make sure to join my Discord!



  1. Nice vid, why not show the tc room that can hold 3 large boxes at the bottom? It's a little harder to get placement right but worth it IMO.
    Anyway, been loving the build vids man, thanks for all you do.

  2. Nobody locks boxes? Our small grp gets on at different times, you couldn't reach the locks on these builds.

  3. WOW, the furnace type is awesome,will definitely try it tomorrow!

  4. Been needing some different designs. Much appreciated video bruh!

  5. I've definitely learned more from concept vids than base build designs overall. It would be nice if, in one of the corners, you added the total storage amounts to make it easier to reference later. Looking forward to the next one!

  6. awww yeah new swifty vid to make me be a building chad

  7. Extremely slick way to store hard side spear raidable loot…

  8. Bro keep up the work. You and spoon are my fave rust content creators!

  9. I have issues putting 2 boxes and a bbq in a room that has metal walls do the different grade walls have different hitboxes?
    Also tuna can lamps in your loot rooms for low grade storage has helped me. I had a loot room with ten lamps lining the walls once.

  10. i have never seen the furnace one before, also if you upgrade the ramps to sheet metal you can fit 3 small boxes per ramp

  11. I’m digging the ramps in the loot rooms. I’m going to apply that to my next base design.

  12. My best tip for rust players is to let in people who say they're base inspectors. Most of the time, they're builders who will help you optimize your base and they'll tell you where your weak points are, super helpful

  13. You can fit 5 large and 3 small in a tc room.

  14. Love the vids keep up the good work also Can you make a video on the hexagon bunker base but like expand it

  15. Another great video, but what about your gameplay videos? would love to watch, your comments are fckn awesome=)

  16. Nice vid, i like the furnaces placed in the room really comfty!

  17. My current situation:
    Loot room ✅
    Loot to fill it ❌

  18. Furnaces are a great idea, never thought of that!!!

  19. I prefer facing the TC the other way, you can fit 3 large boxes and 1 small box on the bottom if done properly. And 2 large boxes plus 2 small boxes on the top.

  20. I’ve also done the 1st design but instead of having a small box in the bottom middle, you can squeeze an auto turret in there.

  21. I’m going to copy this completely and post my own video for all the YouTube moneys. Jkjk good video man! Love to see the growth! 🙃

  22. In any of these builds can you use the casket boxes

  23. The second room with the triangle in the middle. Can you place a shotgun trap in between the top boxes?

  24. Or just do a 6 box loot room and have 180 slots in 6 boxes

  25. It's also possible to fit an extra BBQ on top of the small box on tc loot room

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