Rust | 4K NVIDIA DLSS Comparison -

Rust | 4K NVIDIA DLSS Comparison

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Survive, cooperate & raid with higher framerates. NVIDIA DLSS boosts performance by up to 50% at 4K in Rust while maintaining comparable image quality to native resolution rendering. Learn More →

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  1. Clearly we can see the difference The FPS is working good with #RTXOn and sharpness is nice 😀

  2. The frame rate difference is awes especially if you are trying to just get over the 60fps mark

  3. Come on Studio Wildcard .
    I know the team's got it in 'em.
    Once I see "ARK" or it's sequel start to be showcased here again… a rug is getting cut!

    #JustTheBeginning #RTXon

  4. DLSS Performance or Quality? RTX 2060 or 3070?

    Nvidia has to stop these meaningless number showcases.

  5. honestly is Rust the worst optimised game in existence, it looks like crap & can barely reach 40FPS without DLSS.

  6. DLSS is cool but in most cases rtx cards are already capable of running the game at the desired quality anyway.

  7. Man if only we could actually buy the cards 0_0

  8. "Rust" gameplay footage with "7 days to die" soundtrack… oooooook whatever 😛

  9. I turn it Max performence and there is no fps change

  10. its not real dude literally no frame difference on rust because rust uses like %45 of the gpu and %30 of the cpu on ultra settings so no 0 fps difference fake video

  11. hmmm i have the dlss on but my frame is kinda the same

  12. weird question
    isn't dlss only for RTX
    i have gtx 950 (lame) but the dlss showed up in my settings

  13. for me it doesnt make an fps difference and my game looks completely trash even on balanced works great on other games though although i dont really need it

  14. that graphical flicker in some of the DLSS side of the video lol.

  15. Doesn't working, dont give even 1 fps (RTX 2070) ppl on the server saying the same.

  16. every thought of doing a giveaway of 20 rtx 3090

  17. Love DLSS but I only use it at 4K. I really can't tell the difference between quality / balanced and a native 4K image.

    Crazy that people say its blurry etc..never noticed that before. Straight up looks like 4K

  18. Вот только на моей 3080 с dlss 95фпс, без 95фпс…

  19. The expectation vs reality. some graphics got trashed on game

  20. Play in 0.25 speed
    You will know the difference.

  21. It wont let me turn it on and I have a 1070 ti is that too old?

  22. Everytime I turn it on it lags me out my rust session can anyone help?

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