Rocket League Season 5 Cinematic Trailer -

Rocket League Season 5 Cinematic Trailer

Rocket League
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Watch the Rocket League Season 5 Cinematic Trailer! Visit for more details.

Blast off into Rocket League Season 5! Assemble your squadron and shoot for the moon in the new Arena, Starbase Arc (Aftermath). Take control of the newest futuristic car, Nexus, in the Season 5 Rocket Pass, and earn Pro Rewards beyond Tier 70! Plus, fly into the new Competitive Season and climb the bracket in Competitive Tournaments. Listen to a reimagining of “Player Of Games” by GRIMES featured in the trailer and made just for Rocket League Season 5!

Prepare for launch on November 17!

Rocket League Season 5 Cinematic Trailer

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  1. Just wheels sucks I wanted decal I reached plat for plat decal not wheels yeah the wheels are oh right but I wanted decal I tried so hard to get platinum

  2. wait Psyonix dropping a new spaceship dog fighting game?

  3. Где трейлер рокет пасса??

  4. 0:56 I can imagine a little ball person sitting there being like ah shit here we go again.

  5. y'all really made this good of a trailer instead of updating the game

  6. bruh is this a new rocket league season or a fortnite event bro???

  7. For the season rewards just change them to look more spaced themed and we’re good

  8. Sometimes I remember psyonix once owned this game, and they hadn't added a storyline to a game about car football 🤦‍♂️

  9. For a second I thought we could have levitating spaceships instead of a car in game

  10. Is that a Tesla well if it is that shit is sike as fuck

  11. It would be cool if the rocket ship that was crashed got revived into Nexus CS

  12. of course the trademark rocket league style awful music :v

  13. not gonna cap, they nailed the part at 1:16. That shit was hype af

  14. epic games have ruined the community … but at least they make good trailers

  15. Dude I never get to get the gold skin damn 😂😂


  17. Now we know where all the money to design season rewards went for ….

  18. Season 5 can we finally get the Mystery Machine in Rocket league or maybe the killer Christine car 🙏🏼🤞🏼

  19. Kinda looks like a scaled down version of the halo map at first glance lol

  20. imagine an event that we're all spaceships and its a 100 vs. 100

  21. I want that tesla roadster! And the spaceship too ig

  22. Literally none of that had to do with the game…looked cool though

  23. Rocket Ship gets crippled in battle > plays football

  24. Are we just going to ignore the gaping B-hole on the nexus?

  25. juste quand j'ai vu l'operation de la caisse je me suis dit 100000 pourcent c star wars

  26. Nice ! One more season for me stay stuck on champ II…Maybe i have to stop to playing on keyboard…

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