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In this video you will see Wally1k and his Duo Gwhip333 take on the end of the wipe on a monthly server. Since force wipe was in 4 days during this time of recording we tried our best to get good end game content and well it started off with a bang! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. This is scripted. Don't trust this youtuber

  2. tell us which server that is bro people are so bad there

  3. I want a rock yo m2 in 30 seconds next video please

  4. Spoiler warning the game doesn't end in the first minute

  5. me clicks on wall1ks vid
    also me: starts watching tiktok
    i look up he already has full kits and guns me like did i skip sum sum??

  6. how do you have this many hours but you dont know that patrol heli has a top rotor and a back rotor you shoot at to take it down, you magdumped the heli body & top rotor when the top rotor was already broken. if you shot 15 bullets into the back rotor it would have been down way quicker while saving ammo.

  7. that is scripted 100 % they have guns and man got da strap

  8. I know GWhip lol. i used to manage him in his rap ventures. 2747 Records for like lol @wally1k

  9. Dose Anyone Know Wally's Base Design Because i look it up but cant find it wally could you make a video about it ???

  10. Pls drop the ip for this server, I wanna play rust on easy mode.

  11. U went to pvp instead of finishing ur base no wonder u got raided

  12. what server is this he is playing on???

  13. anyone else see on warrior rust stream him raidinjg that stone base

  14. You didnt get endgame in one minute. clickbait rofl

  15. Anyone know what server this is? Or know of a server with a map size as small as this one that is popped?

  16. yeah…that play he made in the beginning…wouldn't happen to anyone else…mf if you eoka someone and they're buddies behind them….you get fucking mowed down…they just happened to be in the 0.000001% of the players that are absolutely SHIT at the game but run with the best gear they can craft.

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