RETROSTATION 14K - Best Retro Game Console 2020 - 14,000 Games - 2 Wireless Controllers -

RETROSTATION 14K – Best Retro Game Console 2020 – 14,000 Games – 2 Wireless Controllers

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Retrostation 14K – The Best Retro Gaming Console 2020
VIDEO for Educational Purposes.

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➡️ Pandora Box Arcade Mini:
➡️ PowKiddy RGB 20 Portable:

– 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM
– WIFI b/g/n / Ethernet
– 2X USB PORTS + 1 MicroSD Slot, Full HDMI
– Save your games
– Ready to play
– Bookmark
– Bookmark Games
– Movies, YouTube, Netflix

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  1. It doesn't just looks like a android tb box but it is actually a android TV box

  2. Always want to see something as beautiful as this ,but this one is too great ,a dream yatch u can say😂
    Luv u ,for the info of this one👍

  3. The graphics are definitely shite. I'll stick to my PC

  4. I thought it was PlayStation one in the first place

  5. Does it have 2 or 4 gigs of ram? The site seems to list as only 2

  6. wow. fighting games. how original. Guess there aren't enough of those on the market. Why don't you show games that actually cause you to make decisions in the game instead of just beating the piss out of one another!

  7. Does this have the capability to save progress in games?

  8. Why not just connect to your TV with the PC? What with those power injected extension cables.

  9. I really thought the little TV on the bottom left was how you played the machine. Phew. 😂

  10. Uh I dunno.
    Every single retro system I’ve had is usually crappy in some way

  11. Grabe kamay gilgil ka mag laro sira agad controls hahaha

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